Thursday, January 5, 2006


First day break. Slept till 12. Den got called up by CMPB ask me to go down there for blood test -- see wat my blood grp is. (i never knew wats my blood grp coz wen i make ic tt time, they no longer check blood grp)

The trip there was an hr. The time spent there was a mere 5 minutes. Took an unknown bus frm outside cmpb home and ended up at harbourfront. Took the train for another hour long journey home. Got home, ate and slept till 6+. I guess my body's really tired.

NS just round the corner. Am packing my stuffs. Kinda looking forward to the whole thing. yeah... im serious. But i cant help feeling abit the emo lah.

Im gonna miss my bros the most. They still hv yet to say they love me lah. And i'll miss hugging them wen theyre asleeep. I'll miss disturbing them to the extent tt im the one who got scolded for making them shout.

I'll miss a friend too. I'll miss a friend.

More to come soon as i blog down the days i hv left.... nites.

Monday, January 2, 2006

the woman of my life.. mama...

It was New Years day. The time was 11.00pm. My sis came out of her room and said tt there's a phone call for me. I wonder who'd call so late at night. Does he or she not noe tt i'll be screwed if i'm using the phone so l8 at night? Anws, i answered and my sec sch fren asked me if i could play tmr morning.

My answer was a yes. W/o any hesitation. coz i couldnt make it to previous games coz of work and now theres no work, why not? And filial me told my mama abt the game and unexpectedly, she said tt its best if i dun go coz i'll be goin in tis saturday and if i get injured and all tt.... and i walked away. I was dead sure i was goin. Wenta my room to perform the last prayer of the day wen i overheard mama lecturing in the living room. The door was closed -- imagine the volume outside. My name was heard and tmr's game was heard and it all meant one thing -- bad news.

Heard frm my bros tt mama said tt if i were to go tmr morning, she wun tok to us. Coz presumably, us kids hav gone overboard lah. Not listening to her and god knows what else. If it's my bros goin out wif relatives(they went bowling ytd) or my sis wif her outings and wat not, then me and my...... me and my what?

I hardly go out. And now u noe why.

So will filial me not go out? And wat would i get in return? A me who so badly wanna play but fail to do so? But if i go, what would tt make me? What if she suddenly says she's not going to send me to tekong and i can jolly well ask the frens i so badly wanna be wif to send me there? Knowing me, i'd say why not and go there myself!

But i would definitely regret tis. Of coz i know there are plenty of u guys who would say tt u wun mind sending me over but.... u can sense the seriousness in this entry can u?

There u go.... a dilemma.. I hv 6 hours to make up my mind -- if i dun slp tt is. WOuld i go, or would i not go? Normally theres someone to tok to but.... haha.... it's been a while. nites.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

ive never blogged wat another blogger blogged b4..

I was rediculously hopping frm one blog to another looking for sthg decent to read. And its soooo early in e day. i guess im slowly passing time. Anws, a blog caught my eye. And must i add tt i hv not heard of tis blogger b4 or knew her in person or knew of her blog b4. It's one of the many random blogs i glanced thru -- and one of the rare few tt i actually took time to read.

IN this girl's profile, there's a part which toks abt her dream guy... how she wants him to be tall but not to tall, capable (care to expl wat it means anyone? haha), knowledgeable, sensitive and protective yet not posessive, gv her a sense of security and she added "VERY IMPT!! HAHA" .The guy must be rugged too and she cant take wimpy guys and the guy must also not use profanities in front of girls and blah blah blah lah. But e last part quite neat sia.

She said "See.. ive such high standards. So ill probably be a spinster for life. Then again, if the right guy happens to come along, i dun care if he meets the standard."

hehe. sweet. And she blogged ytd (i like reading entries posted VERY recently). It was a list of quotes. I read each word, every single line. So i guess now, i'll list some selected few -- with no apparent or not apparent reasons watsover. yea.

SHould i smile because ure my fren or shuld i cry becoz tts all we'll ever be?

Absence is to love wat wind is to fire; it extiguishes the small and kindles the great.

How can u be frens wif someone if everytime u look at them, it makes u want them even more?

Its hard to tell ur mind to stop loving someone if ur heart still does.

Have u ever noticed tt the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside u and u can never hv them?

It hard to pretend u love someone when u dun. BUt it's harder to pretend u do not love someone when u do.

And lastly, I know in reality we cant be together, so i just close my eyes and ure right here wif me. In my dreams, ure mine forever.

I've to admit ive never blogged abt wat others wrote on their blog this extensively b4. Maybe somehow, the reason why this was the first is becoz ive not the courage to actually blog abt it and blogging abt wat someone else wrote on their blog becomes the perfect excuse.