Thursday, June 28, 2007


Given the chance id like to go to a Muse concert.

Never have i listened and liked songs with drums and electric guitars blasting in the background.

Feel like jumping up and down right now.

Our time is running out

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


am not gay. thats for sure. though i really like purple.

just that i really dun see myself going out with girls. im quiet when i go out with guys. imagine adding girls to the equation.

well this is what im thinkin for now.

looking back i think ive changed quite a bit.

and theres this outside chance that i still might.

and it also depends on ur luck too.

Monday, June 18, 2007

happy fathers day

Been a year on.

But still, whenever i'm home, i look out my window. And I just cant help but imagine seeing his yellow van drive out the parking lot. And to find out that the past one year was just a dream. And i still wonder what it'll be like if he was still around.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dinner at newton

Kind of a farewell dinner for one of my man. He decided to sign on and will be posting out on monday. So this makes it two friday in a row in which i went out at night. Which my brothers say is starting to become a habit of mine. To which i have to disagree.

They headed to DoubleO after tt. I headed home. Guess there'll always be some lines that i'll choose not to cross no matter what they say. Glad some of my men understand where im coming from.

Last sat was a day out too. Had fun bowling and walking ard in bugis. Never been to that side of bugis before. Reminds me of the night market in Taipei. Price around the same too. Think i have more than enuff clothes to last me till i ord. haha.... might wanna reshuffle my wardrobe then.

I have a fellow colleague retaking his As this year. Maths among his Arts subs. So i decided to mug with him. It was back to basics for me. Formulas, steps and concepts no longer at my fingertips. And i find it very hard to sit down, a pen in hand, writing. Thinking. Memorising.

It really was hard. But it was a start. Was staring into space most of the time. And to think this was just maths.... JC maths. Wait till physics, chemistry and life sciences come into the picture when uni starts.

Guess its time i start to change for the better.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

There's a first for everything

Looked at my watch. It was half past midnight.

Took out my key quietly and unlocked the gate.... making minimal noise.

Opened the door slowly and then closed it slowly. Locked it, latched it. And i'm in.

Tip toed my way towards my room. Saw that the tv in my mama's room was still on.


......sleeping soundly. The tv was watching her. Switched the tv off, kiss her goodnight and went to my room.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


fort siloso. NE - it just never ends. hmmm..... been like lots and lots of year since i went there. Lots of changes and it's still changing. Didnt noe they had peacocks walking around. Tot only the zoo had such things. Didnt noe peacocks could fly too!

my first to vivo. Big place. Never got the chance to explore coz was rushing for time. Saw an orange lamboghini there. Got to be THE dream car of the year.

Well dont ask me why i write the way i write. Like everything's so superficial.

I wake up. Brush my teeth. Ate breakfast. Watch cartoons. Play computer game. Sleep. Shower. TV. Computer. In other words, uninteresting.

I read blogs and these kind of entries are kindof boring.

Guess there's a link between how someone feels and how someone writes. I think im bored.

Friday, June 1, 2007


wenta visit my grandma. heard a conversation about the two deaths at seletar reservoir. And an interesting story.

The story goes like this.... Whenever a previously unused water body/place is suddenly being opened up for public use like the new centre at Lower Seletar Reservoir for water sports, the spirit of the area will claim 3-7 victims as a sacrifice for using it's territory. Spooky story but coming from relatives who used to live by the sea..... makes it somewhat believable.

And my mama was saying that when we first moved in to my home in sembawang, there's a few cases of kids dislocating their arms and legs while playing at the playground. I remember those incidents but didnt really think it was something abnormal. She says that is how thing's work.

Cool huh.

And there's also this talk about the elusive white crocodile who had played it's role in finding the two bodies which were only found the next day. One of which partially submerged 50m from where the kayak capsized. Been hearing stories about this white crocodile since i was young and after so long, im still hearing stories about it. Brought it up to my grandma. My mama told me the crocodile is old. Asked my grandma if it would die. She said it will never die. And i was like..... ok.... both were talking like it really exist. I believe it exist.

But sadly nothing much surfaced when i googled about the croc.

I'll be keeping this in mind when using new facilities at new places.