Saturday, March 17, 2007

home at last

been missing home while in camp amidst all the fun that i had. occasional running, night badminton sparring sessions, gym.. tv... fooling around...

then once home, glad to finally see my mama. And my brothers whom i immediately irritate by hugging them only to realise that the spare tyres that were once nice to hug are no longer there. Its like hugging a pillow tt has lost half its cotton. Now i understand why my mama was making such a fuss when i lost half my cotton.

of course theres the family tension between my sister and my mama. used to be both dad's and mama's enemy number one. now has become my mama's. what's the use of saying u love someone when all you do is just to hurt her feelings? Maybe she's waiting for the loss of one more before she realises her foolishness, her unnescessary display of her attitude. Sometimes i wish my dad was around to barge into her room and smash her laptop into pieces whenever she refuses to give me internet access despite my being at home for less than 48 hours....

now i understand why dad gets preety angry after a long day at work only to find kids who do not appreciate the work he's done. All he asks for is some respect.

of course it gets fairly stressful and depressing to be in this pair of shoes. All i shall do is to wait for the clock to tell me it's time to book in back to camp....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

End of 4 days off. Never really did went anywhere except for grandma's twice. Dun really recall doing much of anything. Got some feet irritation so cant really do much running or what not. ANd what a waste that i got my off this week instead of next coz i just realized tt next week's their march hols.

Thinking of applying civil engin nus. Have i said this before? Cant remember. THink i shall apply next weekend.

Mind's filled with lots of stuff rite now. Work, family, school, future. Cant stop thinking coz there' s really no answer to most of it. There's no end. No closure. Sometimes i wish my dad was still around. So that at least i wun have to shoulder everything alone. Now all i can do is talk to people and there's only that much talking can do.

that said, im still waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I Am @ Youth.SG

A lil late i must say but this is for an ipod.

When I think youth in Singapore, I think happy bunch of people. And I think music.

But funny thing is music isn’t part of me. The only time I listen to the latest songs is when I take the lift to the library at Sun Plaza or when I buy bread at 7-11. Or during the time I see idols-to-be sing on Idol. Or scarily, through the earphones of the kid standing opposite me on the train on my way to camp.

I guess I was raised to be among a strange breed of youth – youth who do not download songs religiously and listen to them playing over and over again, while memorising their lyrics like they’re in some singing competition or something. Hmm.. maybe they are…

So, here I am trying to win and Ipod so that at the age of almost 20, I can learn songs and be the one guy other kids listen to when they watch Idol. You’ll never know…. And if I do get it, I sure like to see the jealous look on my siblings’ faces! But since i wear whatever they have, they can have whatever i have too... what goes around, goes around, goes around, Comes all the way back around...

Yup kind of like whatever Justin's songs ive heard so far... Keane has beautiful songs and corrinne may's songs are simply wonderful. And heard she's singaporean.. Wanted to share a video i saw. Cute little kids in a US school singing her song. Cant wait to see more of us achieving something like that. Who says Singapore artiste cant make it big? Right? Hope it inspires youths inclined towards music to work hard towards making their dreams a reality. =)

Been looking thru the blogs on the site and i must say tt some are preety good. Like there's always the few that are in a league of their own. Guess i too could reach a certain level if i tried. So here i am taking my first step. My first step out of my comfort zone.

Hmmm… that said, I enjoyed writing this piece. Win or lose I’m glad I published.

Monday, March 5, 2007

i am @

Some friend of mine sent me an email abt this competition. I checked out their site and the prizes were not bad... and they actually showed real people winning the prizes.. psp, handphone, camera... So yea, was a lil tempted to join. But then again, i am no competition kind of person. Im the kind who prefers to stay under the radar(ie. stay at home) I wouldnt want to make myself known to the public. Its just so not me.

Saw entries by people who wrote in. Read entries of past winners. And youths really do blog. The grand prize of this comp's a macbook.

Looking back at my past entries, the one abt the$1499 computer, how laaaag- ing my com has become.. it slowly sank into me that the mail from the friend was an opportunity.... a chance to get a new com without having to fork out a single cent. All i need to do is write an entry about what means to me. And if i write ok, people will vote for my entry and hopefully id be the one who brings home the macbook.

So then come the question of what are the odds of me winning? What if i lose? WOuld that make me a lousy blogger? Who would vote for me? I only have a handful of friends.

But i seem to have become a slightly different person havin been thru my fair share of hard times. Id like to think more along the line of Why not just submit an entry and get people to read it and see what they think about it? If they like it, they vote. If not, at least they know where to go to see how im doing.

I kind of like this quote by Robert J sternberg : No matter how gifted you are analytically, you will not become successful unless you publish. And to publish, you must work hard at writing about creative and innovative ideas." (Adapted from The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J Stanley)

I guess i'll never know how good or how bad i write unless i publish. So having said that, this entry might very well be an intro to how i started writing an entry with the goal of going home with a macbook at the end of the day.

And if i do write, spread the word. Vote for me. haha ... and if ive moved at least one of you bloggers to blog too, im glad to know ive made the competition a lil more competitive...

Well then, look out for updates. Gotta book in right about now.

Smille always. And always always always ..... look on the bright side of life.


my com's recovering slowly. Took me four hours to breathe life into the modem. But now the com is rather laggy. No multiple tabs for me now. More than 2 tabs and the system will go into a brief state of coma. But it still is better than nothing.

Went to play soccer this morning will the old guys of anderson sec. Poor fitness. Messy play. We're starting back from scratch. Then had lunch and talked about what else but army. Hmm... sensitive issue. I'd advise people against blogging about sensitive stuffs on your blog.

Its been a very very long while since i met up with them. WHich means that its been a lagi very very long while since i met tauhid and nizar... Soon yea?..

life's been more or less fun while in camp. Days at home simply reminds me of reality.

well then. till next time.