Sunday, March 27, 2005

CHEATERS and the rest of the wks happenings

Lemme start wif todae's happenings. Had soccer traning this morning. Starts at 9 but i woke up at 8. Bathed and gathered all the stuff as quickly as possible.Grabbed a cab and rushed for skool.TOdae's session was to be our selection...J2 trialists... lots of J1s came...but 3 got the sack almost immediately. Was feeling okay lah. Not nervous at all. An improvement coz i was alwaes worried sick wen it comes to such pressures.

I dun tink i did great(still cant find an alternative for this word). I failed to clear the ball properly...not once but a couple of times. Which goes to show that i still have a long way to go. Learnt a couple of new things from Captain Zhong-- with regards to positioning, clearing of ball and stuff like that. Captain Zhong is great(damn!i really need to find a substitute for this word) coz he was really patient and took time to expl things clearly to me. Some good points i can take from him when i replace Aide Iskandar in the near future...Captain Zhong said "A good coach once told me that a good defender is one who intercepts and clears and tackles well...He need not need to slide for the ball". Coz i alwaes think that sliding in for the ball is the "coolest" way to win the ball.WHich, again, goes to show that i still have a long way to go.So Singapore... Captain Ali is in the manufacturing process, and will be taking Singapore to the World Cup Finals...

BTW, b4 i proceed further... i hv to sae that i am now more wary of how to write my blogs. i noe u all may hv read abt this gal in the papers who had gotten dunnOe wat award for her blog.Yeah...i ended up in her blog via Grace's links and.....there was no big deal bout it except for her big pic there....ok ok a couple of her entries and one of the thing that caught my eye was something she said something abt paragraphing and how one paragraph should not hv more than 7 i m keeping my paragraph short.

Does seven sentences also mean not damn long sentences? Anw, she also said abt how the fonts should not be small. But i pretended not to see that one coz i like small fonts. My tutorials are all in small fonts.

I'd better stop digressing and go back to where I left off.

WE went to McD's for lunch. Some went to play pool after lunch but wo hui jia coz wo de Ah Ma at home alone. Saw a movie at home -- on TV of course-- entitled CHEATERS-->it's one of those low-budget movies.
These cheaters are'nt the villains but neither are they the heroes....the story simply revolves round these charachters like how the planets revolve round the Sun(neither the planets nor the Sun are heroes or villains right??) Lame analogy but anw...a summary of the story.

This begins when i first switched on the story. Saw Guy A talked to guy B.A asked B if B would pay him $20 if A showed him something. B said yes.aND A, whose father worked as a cleaner in some educational institute, got hold of a copy of some test paper for B. Sounds confusing right?

The whole story is about a group of kids from Steinmetz High School and they are in the school's decathlon team--> similar to our olympiad...its a competition involvng maths,speech,interviews,General Knowledge--- academics stuff.This team was fifth in the Regionals. They weren't exactly a good team. But through Guy A, they got a copy of the Qns before hand...meaning they'll win the States competition allowing them to go through to the nationals.

Yes,the team won. But there's this bastard in the team...he was not first team...he was asked to act as a judge(a college volunteer) using a pass obtained from a friend of his(the real student who was supposed to judge). And this bastard was told not to go near the team for a week or two...just in case some other students from other schools recognise him with the it in photos or in interviews on tv...which will then lead to suspicion. So this bastard can't take it anymore--not getting any credits and all-- and wrote about the whole cheating thing in an essay of his during English lesson.Damn basket sia this guy!

He was called into the principals office and asked whether it was true or not. In front of the principal as well as his team teacher IC...he said he made the whole story up. But somehow at home, he can't take it any longer and decided to call the papers. The story of his came out in the morning papers and make the story short, let me FAST FORWARD>>>I abit.

Teacher got sudpended for a while, studenty brought into questioning by some lawyers from the education board(something like our MOE). After pressuring the students for ome of them, a catholic who didnt like cheating, succumb to the immense pressure and exploded. He admitted cheating....i dun blame him. When a volcano has to can stop it??(another lame analogy) But Mr Plecki(the teacher) said to the team after they won that "Benjamin Franklin once said that in order for 3 people to keep a secret, 2 of them must die". He wanted the team to prove Mr Benjie wrong...but they failed.

"The late Benjamin Franklin" 1 - 0 "Cheaters" ...........haha

That Irwin Flickas(the sabo king a.k.a the bastard) should be shot dead!.....hmm....where did i put that shotgun of mine?

Why cant the cheaters win? Anw...medals were returned, school stripped of the championship....teacher went to some other place. Students managed to go to college...(The director's way of a happy ending?) But producers can't make a show to encourage viewers to cheat, can they??

Nice show.3 Stars.

Now let's see what happened on last Sunday.
Rushing for homework. Did Mondaes homework.

Found out abt Napha.test. Copied chem. No trouble wif teachers.ANd that afternoon...i had gotten Gold for Napha!

Nthg much. After skool hanged out wif Hock,yuy-g and a couple of their frens...passed them the stuffs i bought specially for them. Glad they liked it.It's nothing compared to the friendship I share wif them.

Nothing much. NOrmal skool dae plus normal trng.

THursdae: Hmm....last dae of the wk. Firdae Good Friday. Wanted to do my homework but ended up playing soccer. Yuy-g told me she cant do the next qn of vectors 2.I taught her qn 1 on tuesdae. Nothing to do wif my cleverness...just tt Mrs Goh a.k.a nths teacher had gone thru wif my klass the answer. Anw, her telling me she cant do....i got this feeling that she'd want me to teach her. But i didnt saw her after skool. Wanted to tell her I'd be at the field...and i wun be studyin...but i didnt!....Was a abt to go home afer self trng...and HAaha...saw her....she acted sad lah.....haha...I was damn sorry lah...but she spent her time playing bball and bdminton wif her frens.... but's not the point...i shuld hv left her an sms or sthg...haha..
hao xiao sia...coz i dun hv a hp.

GOod fridae: Slack day. Wrote the previous entry....finished some physics tutorials-- did some touch up b4 handing it in on MOndae...

And tt's this week's hapenings in a single entry.ANd... I'd better focus on my studies...coz the A-levels is approaching---FAST!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

All about the AJ SOC Malacca Trip in March hols

AJ Soccer Malacca Trip 17-19 March ‘05

DISCLAIMER: This entry is almost 3,000 words long. My longest entry thus far. So I suggest u make a cup of coffee and some sandwiches before u begin reading.

Wed, 16 Mar: It’s a bit late.... and I am still packing my stuffs. 1 bag or 2 bags? Backpack or those sling bags? To bring or not to bring my homework? How many shirts and undies 2 bring?? So many decisions I have to make in such a short time! Btw... I brought 2 bags, one sling and one backpack, decided to bring GP, juz in case I get bored on the way

Can’t wait for the "highly awaited trip". Seems like shiok like that. JUst frens.... no one to set rules.. rules to follow.... and no HW!!.... Yeah!.... just soccer!

Thurs, 17 Mar: It’s a beautiful day. Still walking ard looking for things tt I might need in Malacca. I scared tt I may forget some impt things....HAd to wake up early... will tompang Boon and his mum...lucky no nd to carry such big bags on the train.

Reached school. Jeans and white sports tee hugging the frame of my body. Everyone must tuck-ing (Kim's style of pronunciation). Zhong...Zhong... By 8 am, everyone came. THen, we left-- for Malacca.

Heard tt the ride will be a very long one. So I took out my GP...and began reading...all the way till TUas checkpoint. Kena bastard along the way --- but like my sec 4 form teacher mentioned in my Testimonial (nthg related to frenster)-- I could accept criticism well. Being bastard-ed by ppl seems to be "All's in a day's work for me". PLs lah....evn kena bastard by COach for doin HW!...haha

We changed bus when we reached the Malaysian side of the SEcond LInk. The bus was full of mosquitoes... not the blood-sucking ones though....but many irritating mosquitoe-look-alikes flying ard. I had no complains ...coz I FOUND RM$50... so lucky of me.... wanted to kp it for myself. IT'S MIND.....ALL MIND!!... but Nizar saw....damn....asked everyone to "SShhh!"....and said "Drinks on me at our next pit stop!"... ACtually, it was quite shiok buying those guys drinks. ANW....frm tt pit stop was GP....and wen we were abt to reach( by this time almost everyone began to wake up)...i wanted SLEEP!

There was a short period of intense trauma during the bus ride.... we were already in Malacca....on our way to our hotel. WEnt round and round....saw numerous hotels....some looked DAMN sucky tt we were saying under our breaths--praying--that our hotel would be a decent one.

We went to, what it seems to be a deserted area....small small buildings...hopefully our hotel wouldn’t be in one of these buildings...even CAptain Zhong was feeling anxious...haha... The tour guide(who gets paid for doing nothing) broke the suspense by saying we finally reached the place where we would hv our lunch....Heng ah! Pretty decent food we had there.....and a preety decent dirty joke from Shak too.

AFter lunch, we reached our hotel-- Emperor Hotel. Quite nice lah. The whole 21st floor was ours for almost the whole day...b4 ppl start strolling in...But still...we acted as if they weren't there...and the 21st floor--for the next 3 daes--belonged to AJ SOCCER. WE shot a couple of shots--kelme advertisement-- where Guoxing can be seen skipping past "defenders" like a rock skipping of the surface of water(poor analogy, but nvm!)

Had a game at 5pm tt dae. Against a team we were not told abt. IN the end, the bus we boarded entered a well-guarded skool--not becoz it was a Chinese skool or a rich ppl's skool--but becoz it was a prison skool-- Henry Gurney sthg sthg.WE saw ppl running,marching...big gates, guards on patrol(i m beginnin to exagerate,forgive me). The "kids" there were, strong, tatooed...SCARY.... Everyone were panicking... I tink I was feeling ok..... why shuld i panic wen i noe i wun start. Evn if i did start... wats there to b afraid off?ANw, despite the fears and all...we won them 6-0. I played near the end. Played quite a decent game. Morale and spirits were high. One bad thing happened though. Shak got injured. He got struck by one of the “gangsters” on his right knee. Will he be the next Adib?…. and that Adib was scaring Shak like f*** sia ….though he might be true…

WEnt back to hotel by 7. Changed and went down at the lobby...having dinner. The bus took us to some dark place...went into a Chinese restaurant. ADib was asking whether it was Halal or not. REstraunt rception says it's halal. Halfway thru....ZHi kai our Keeper said tt the vege got got cooking wine. WINE...ALCOHOL....where can be halal one??....BASket.Stopped eating. While we were leaving, i asked the auntie at the counter for a halal cert. She wanted to lie by wanting to show me her bisnes permit...for goodness sake...i read malay!... den, she decides to sae that it is halal bcoz behind the shop...the "Government is oso eating the food"....Basket!...who's the "gvt"?.... So I left in quite a pissed off mood lah...

Tts it for the day. Its nighttime. Boon and KIM were in our room....WE talked for a while...i talked a lot. Most of it was rubbish. Must have gotten drunk after eating the alcohol-laced dinner. Later, I GAve a couple....ok i m lying...LOTS of prank calls to ppl....some were even sleeping wen I called..... Oops!...TAlked to W Jia over the phone for quite some time...haha...talked to SHAK for quite a while too....1 hours ++... Den, a question popped up in my complex mind--"will i be charged for giving all the calls?"If yes, den all the money i hv will hv to be used to pay for all those calls i made!"

...The first day came to an end, making way for the second dae of what seems to be the most exciting Holiday i ever had.

Fri,18 March: Got woken up by my alarm clock. Yes, I brought my own alarm clock. Morning prayers. Den came the Hotel’s wake up call. And it followed by me giving other rooms more wake up calls. I called Wei Jia’s room twice if I can remember correctly. Asked him later how many wake up calls he got. He said 5. Haha…. Shak woke up having difficulty straightening his right leg. He had difficulty walking too! Had breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Had to be wary of what to eat and what not to eat coz we’ll be having a training session with Mr Raju, an ex-Malaysian national player. This training session will be at nine.

After almost an hour of bus ride, we reached our “training ground”—a school field. Had a great 2 hours training session. Learnt how to warm up effectively. Overlapping techniques. Shooting techniques. Chesting of the ball. Juggling. How to play the 4-4-2. Tips and some valuable advise. Learnt a lot from him. Shak could only watch from far. Damn wasted. Den it was back to the hotel.

Took a long shower and by 12, we met back at the lobby. WE were HEADING to Makhkota Parade (a shopping center) to do some shopping. WE had all the way till 4 before we were to meet back at the meeting point. Took a couple of team pics. Once in the shopping center, we headed for the food court to eat lunch—lots of great food! But again, had to watch what we eat coz there’s a match tonight! Walked ard the mall. Nothing much to buy lah. Some bought caps and jerseys. Went to Giant to buy stuffs to eat later at the hotel. Went to Nike shop in front of Giant and 6 of us, I think—me, Gene, Zhong, Jia, Kai, Ronaldo –bought the same kind of jersey but different colour. 3 orange, 2 blacks, 1 blue…I like blue. WE went to Starbucks and Coffee Bean…. I saw a chocolate fudge cake that I simply cannot resist. Bought it. Soon, it was 3 ++ and all headed back to the bus. Tasted the cake. Not that good lah. The cake was not soft and fluffy like I expected. Not that chocolaty too!

Once we reached the hotel, we had a break till 7. Some of us played card games. I played this snap-like game… and guess what….became the first person to lose in such a short time. Not once but twice. Playing that game was damn stressful. More filming of Kelme freestyle.

It was almost 7. WE headed for the “stadium with carpet grass” only to find out that we have been conned! It was a very sandy pitch. Carpet grass my foot ah! But the weather at night was great man! Cool breeze.

When the game started, the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. They were loud! Damn shiok sia! WE drew 1-1 in the first half. But by the end of the second half, we were down 5-1. Some of them in the stands were telling us to go home. While some told us to keep on playing since we are still ‘small kids’. Got some nasty comments from our coach. Den, we headed back to our hotel. ON our way back….the mood was low.

DISCLAIMER: The following few paragraphs are not for the faint-hearted.

We alighted the bus. All of us went to the convenient store across the road to buy food. All except me, Shak and Boon. The 3 of us went up ourselves and to our own rooms. Shak went to the toilet while I went to make some tea to drink. Suddenly, I heard a voice from outside. Boon’s voice to be exact. He called for me and Shak.

Voice (Belive me, it’s Boon’s voice): “Shak! Ali!”

Knowing that he would not mind waiting a while longer, I continued to make my tea.

Voice (Belive me, it’s Boon’s voice): “Shak! Ali!”

Wahlao!! This Boon cannot wait meh? I walked briskly to the door. Opened only to see—the door opposite my room. “What the….” I dun noe how I did it, but I looked left and right and left and right.

I screamed for Boon. Heard the voice….Boons voice. He opened his door.

Me: U got call for me and Shak?

Boon…(I noe he’s the voice): Siao!

Me: Really??!!#%%

Boon: Crazy!

Ok. So if the voice wasn’t boon’s, that whose voice was it?

I looked left and right and left again. And slammed shut the door. Freaky!!

Was taking a long shower. Shak wanted 2 glasses….which were in the toilet. WaS abt to pass it to him when one of the glasses slipped off the plastic bag it was in and came crashing on the floor. Damn unlucky sia! So, while pple were sitting along the corridor eating instant noodles… I was busy clearing up the mess I made.

Everyone left for their rooms. Some played cards. Some just talked and talked.

Was watching TV when the phone rang. “Hello?” I asked. There was silence. “Hello?” I asked again. There was silence again. Then ….the guy on the other end of the phone said “I WANT UR COCK!!”…. crazy fella. But I became crazier. Wearing nothing but my pants and shorts beneath, I went outside and screamed “ WHO THE HELL WANT MY COCK...

Then, things went fast forward. Nizar grabbed me and asked if I was ok. (Of course I was ok! Why wouldn’t I be?) He let go of me. And I shouted again. I knew the caller was Joel. So I went into his room. I shouted the phrase again. Then Nizar from behind grabbed me and called for a “stripping session” . I went to the corner of the room. Saw a knife and wanted to protect myself. Haha. Anw… I was pinned down. Long pants removed. Left my shorts alone. I didn’t want to kena “rape”…so with all my might, I pushed them aside…and rushed to my room. I was saved.

Felt hungry after all the things that happened. Made myself dinner- cup noodles….and went to slp.

Sat, 19 March: Time flies so fast. Last day of the trip. Had breakfast—this time can eat more coz we’re goin home tt day. This was a wrong decision which I had made. Coz at 12 pm… we went to another hotel for another buffet… and I cannot stuff all those delicious foods into my stomach. WE went for a short tour of Malacca. Went to the Red Building…managed to buy things for a couple of frens back home and also for my 3 siblings. After tt , we headed back to the hotel coz who wants to see Malacca??? We want to go home! Back at the hotel…. We went to the reception to get our room keys. Jonas got into trouble with the male/female receptionist. He looked like a she who looks like a he. So thinking that she/he wouldn’t noe Chinese…. Jonas whispered to Boon… askin him whether the receptionist was a male or female. Dumb thing to do coz the receptionist told Jonas in Chinese something that made him dumbfounded. Something abt not being brought up well. Everyone had a good laugh in the lift.

Like I said, we went for a lunch buffet. Good food!! And was heading home. I was feeling a little bit worried for not telling the hotel staff that I broke one of their glasses. But decided that it was a small matter.

Everyone was having a good sleep. I was half asleep, half doing GP hw! Den the bus came to a halt. We were at some bee museum. Basket! Everyone thought we were going home straight! After much persuasion and knowing that we need to give face to the teachers, who seems to be the only ones keen, we went to take a look. There was a guide there who showed us ard. It would he been a damn embarrassing experience if all of us chose to stay on the bus. Anw, everyone seems keen in the end. WE managed to drink some honey. And Nizar wanted to buy some bee venom honey to cure his back problem—but it costs a bomb. After at least 30 minutes in the “cheapskate museum”, we were on hour way home.

The tour guide, which was with us throughout the trip kept reminding us not to bring in chewing gum. He managed to make me worried. Luckily, I managed to pass through Customs with ease.

Back in Singapore at last. Lionel got a fright with regards to his passport. He thought he lost it. Searched through his bags for it I saw a red thing in his back pocket and told him to check it. He told me he checked already. When he was sitting…Adib, who was sitting at the chair beside Lionel’s told him that the passport was indeed in his back pocket. Dumb fella I must sae…

Reached AJ at 5pm. Was heading home on the train. The things that were on our minds were homework. So much homework so little time.

But since this blog entry is “All about the Malacca trip”…. I’ll talk abt what happened the following week in another entry.

(PS: This entry was written a week after the actual trip due to fatigue and lack of time. Meaning i had the luxury of being "back in malacca". Whatever I said is 98% true, coz some parts of it were exaggerated to some extent. Hhaa.)

Monday, March 14, 2005

The final week of term one.....

Here's a brief description of what i've been doin tis wk.

Sunday: Been doing mths since mind has been working overtime. Vectors make me see and think 3-D....scary....haha.....its 2 plus am now.......doing Linear Interpolation.....lucky got hock online now to push me....haha.....he oso doin tis hw...hah.......sien..we wanted to see who could do more...

....and the next day,Monday,.....he won..i got too tired.

THe March holidays!! One week left. Got back my results for the common tests...i am happie to say tt i only failed my chem. Passed the other subjects like Gp, Physics and Maths. In fact, these are the only subjects I take.

Holidays in my country, Singapore, (…like writing AQ,lol) is equivalent to more homework. So here’s a list of what I’m supposed to do:

Sort and put GP materials into the right files. Update table of contents.

Reading articles sort according to topics

Do section F of GP times pg 238

Extra: Appy info to AQ questions….if u want ur A

At least 4 articles + mindmap + vocab + Apply to at least 1 essay qn

Essay qns:

The best test of a civilized society is the way it treats its weakest members.Discuss.(1996)

To live is to change. Is change always beneficial? (1994)

The strong do what they will; the weak do what they must. Discuss. (1994)

Is it ever right for one county to become involved in the internal affairs of another? (1997)

Good government requires the courage to take unpopular decisions. Discuss this statement with examples to support your answer. (1996)

Is equality for all a realistic and desirable aim within a society? (1994)


Vectors 2



Revise electrochem
Carboxylic acid tutorial and what not…
The ester practical thing

E field tutorial
Capacitance tutorial
Magnetic thingy….better read up on this coz nothing went into my head

I’m such an organized person. Lol!! I like to plan my schedule. I spend my time looking thru my “diary” + planner to arrange the stuffs that I am supposed to do. Some close friends of mine have noticed this and have told me what they think about this “bad habit” of mine. Yes. “ Bad habit” ….in inverted commas. This signifies the irony that exists (another aspect of GP….lol) . What I’m trying to say is, planning is good (take my word for it). But don’t overdo it. These close friends of mine told me that by planning and not do anything concrete, I’m in fact wasting my time. Come to think of it, they’re right. I realized it quite some time ago…. But it’s these kind of things that people say to you that really makes the difference. So now, every time I opened my planner… I could like see them sitting beside me … telling me what they’ve told me before. Anw, in case u readers haven noticed….i m digressing.

On wif the other highlights of the week. Class party. Celebrating 1 year of togetherness *cough cough* and all those who had their b’daes in this first term. Ate pizzas (yucks)…they eat pizzas I mean. Pizzas stink!!! Literally. Not tt fun…but it’s something.

Soccer match against SGS. We won. Everyone got a chance. I thought I did ok. But sadly, I conceded 2 goals. Argh! Trying not to think too much about it. Coz I really did ok.

It was raining that Friday. And sadly, I got a fever. A 38.1 degrees. The highest I’ve obtained ever since the day I can count. Anw….been feeling down the whole of Saturday.

Sunday: Today, I felt a lot better. Tidied my room a bit. Planned all my March holiday homework. Looking forward to the Malacca trip this Thursday. Am all geared up for it. But for now, homework is on the menu. Better start doing.


Sunday, March 6, 2005

Welcome to my life.....

The day is Saturdae, March 6, 2005. I was feeling really bored the entire day. After days of doing work till late, I felt that I needed rest—plenty of it. I was walking ard aimlessly the whole day, doing nothing. Neither my school work nor house work were done. I stared at my monitor most of the afternoon… even though the com is off. I was bored…damn bored.

I woke up late today—9.30 am to be exact. Me and a couple of guys frm AJ soccer were to meet at Lavender MRT station so that we could extend our expired passport together. The meeting time was 10.00 am. Even if Singapore had Shinkansens (Japanese bullet trains) or the Maglevs trains, I wouldn’t make it in time. I had to inform them I couldn’t make it. Theres one problem—I don’t have any of their no. Ppl my age would hv all his or her pals no. stored in his or her handphone. Sadly, I dun have one. So I was like signing in and out of Messenger to see if any soccer guys were online so that I could ask for my fren’s no. It was almost 10.00….before [bOoN] Is FaRt uP.. s0 iS [hAn]-----AnD tInK [tAn] 0sO------s0 wHeRe'S B0oN hAn???[7]” came online. Got wei jia’s no. Called him and they were informed of my absence.

I had to go there sooner or later. So I bathed quikly and hurried to the building at Lavender. Went up the escalator to the second floor. OMG!! The queues were super long. Had to see which queue I had to stand in…coz there were queue for collections of passport, taking passport size photographs…and one for extension of passport – my line. After 15 minutes of queuing to get my number(8031), I realized that there’s 90+ ppl before my no. WTH!! Went out to get something to eat….came back in 15 minutes. Still had to wait for 10 minutes before counter 31 called for my number.

“Auntie” at the counter: “Yes how can I help you?”

Me: I’d like to extend my passport.

Auntie” at the counter: “Passport please.”

*I obliged*

“Auntie” at the counter: “IC please.”


“Auntie” at the counter: Sorry, you need an IC. Come another day.


Me: erm…. Ok ….thanks

Had the afternoon I mentioned earlier. Never have I been this bored before. How I felt I was like the others—going out with frens, watch movies and stuff like that. BUt the problem is…. My mama don’t like me doing all this stuff. Waste money, waste time. She’s right to a small extent. Having shared such a close bond with my Mama, I always listen to what she say—even though I may not like what she says sometimes. She’s my Mama afterall. People don’t really understand this. They say I am a lazy bugger who always gives excuses for refusing to go out with them. Which is why they aren’t even bothered to ask me out now. But sadly, I am sort of being “controlled” by my mum. It’s for my own good, she says.

Spent the night doing work and talking to some people online. I got his to say. One shuld not bother too much abt wat others hv to sae. Different people have different styles. One may try to be nice while others simply do not care about the feelings of others. Though it may be hard to ignore, I simply have to “Let it be.” It is a good advice. After all, u can’t just dispose a friend. He may be lacking in one area, but he does have his own good side. No one’s perfect. I simply have to acknowledge that. Having a conversation that both sides will enjoy is hard. It may be easy to talk to some people, but it’s not when it come to some others. The pen is said to be mightier than a sword….but words are way mightier than a pen. It hurts. This is life. Welcome to my life…..

Saturday, March 5, 2005

A loooong week...

I shall talk abt todae first. ALi saw hock todae since he first got his accident, which was onli 2 daes ago. haha. Man! Hock dislocated somthing in his arm...ok....ermm....maybe it IS his arm. Anw, he came just so he could do spa. THings really is different wif him ard.During gp....we watched a documentary frm NAt geographic....HOnour of Men: Killing of women in pakistan. My only comment: Read the Quran properly before making baseless claims! Did my GP hw after skool end. Trying to write the perfect AQ and summary. Its hard.....and i dun noe the proper way to write one. Came back after see my seniors get their A-levels results. DAmn! It was an eye opener for me lah. Make me motivated to work harder...its so very differnet from the Os. PPl are getting Cs and Dss instead of the As i tot many would get. WAAKE UP LAH ALI! how could u be so....hmmm....DUMB? Die....U must work doubly hard now.

Had training at 5....heard ppl, J2s to be exact, will be dropped. Scared man! There were new comers....not that bad lah..HAd a short 7 aside game.....the new comers vs the lousier seven frm aj....we lost! Both were sue to my mistakes. Let the ball fly above me. My positioning was always.Would sure kena dropped soon.... was feeling really down. But the seven newcomers were reduced to 3......hhaa.... Had another game soon after......played Defensive mid....ok la...lucky played better.... den while playing halfway ...saw the badminton ppl walking on the track. They were moving towards the region behind the goal post. Hock not there...haha......DUH!!...

then, out of no where....came this clearence. Ball fell onto my feet. Looked down. Aimed. Shot. Too much strength. Ball flew inches above bar. SAw the XInmin gurl. NO...NO....NOooooooooo!!! hit her straight on her head....oops......Then she looked giddy. She fell to the ground and was holding her head. Panic ran through me. Looked at coach. Was allowed to go take a look. Asked her if she's ok. (yeah...i noe its a dumb qn....but wat else could i sae?) Sorry.....sorry......sorry.....was all i could sae.She got back on her feet....said she was ok....still giddy perhaps......OOps....really sorry ya dear badminton girl.....almost another badminton player down....OoPs!

going to malacca in the Going to play 2 teams there.....looking forward to it.

HIghlights of this wk
-aj out of the aj tournament...drew wif NY....had lots of chances
-hock's injury....wahlao...swing too much....see, nver warm up
-stayed back late doing hw with 2 frens....shared abt my life....started wen yuying tok abt qiuteng mother....scold QT for coming home late due to badminton.....den to my bros....blah blah
-FOR the first time.....i went through so many hopping....and found my primary skewl fren's blog

It has been work work work for me this wk. in fact, i ve been coming home after eight everyday this first in my entire 17 years....lucky i hav an understanding mom!