Monday, January 28, 2008

The teenage daughter

What would you do if your daughter comes back home from school late at night when you know school ends way earlier than that. What would you do when she starts to wear clothes of her generation which you clearly disapprove? Would you nag and nag with her behind closed door? And complain and complain knowing full well that the guy who used to listen to you and do something about it is no longer there. You know you have a son but he could never really take the place of his father. He could never scold or punish his sister like how a father would punish his daughter. So all you can actually do is just nag and pray that your daughter changes. Pray that she doesnt push you to your limits and make you do things she never thought you would do.

What would you do when it starts to get late? The clock shows it's 7 o'clock and you know once you reach home you've got some explaining to do. Do you lie to your mum about your whereabouts or do you tell her the truth? Do you think about her feelings or do you care more about your own feelings? Which do you care more: Her being worried about where you are and what you are doing or you enjoying your time with your friends and just listen to your mother's nagging later on through your headphones.

What would you do when your mother doesnt like what you like to wear? You know it's what your friends wear and you know guys like girls wearing what you wear. Would you change your wardrobe because of what she likes and what she doesnt like? Or would you just dismiss her rant and be ignorant to your home environment and just care about your social life. And not forgetting, life with the guy you think you're falling in love with.

It is not easy being a teenager these days. You either care or you dont. If you care, you lose. If you dont, you'll be cool......but you'll lose your parents.

Neither is it easy to be a parent these days. You either care or you dont. If you care, you'll lose your children. If you dont, you'll still lose your children.

I just do not see what is so hard about listening to your parents and making them happy? I believe that if you make your parents happy, they will make you happy. Malays would use the term "ambil hati". Children should always listen to their parents no matter what and it should never be the other way round. Put yourself in their shoes and you'll understand why.

I'll always remember the days when i used to style my hair up and my mama commented that she likes it when it's combed to the side, without any gel. She said that if she finds it nice, other's will find it nice. The latter i kind of disagree but still, id rather no one like me except my mother than having so many people liking me but not my mother.

And you simlpy have to know that those around you wont be with you forever.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Soccer and movie

First 90 mins of soccer in like a long long long while. And now my body's aching, right calf and my left inner thigh experiencing a fairly decent amount of strain.

Had a couple of decent chances. When i should dribble forward, i decided to try a Rooney and shoot the ball from a distance. When i should shoot, i chose to dribble. And when i should dribble, I dribble and lost possession. Perhaps the grass was too long and the ground was too wet which made the ball too slippery. Perhaps i need a couple more games to gain more experience so that i could make better decisions on the ball.

It's nice to get together on weekends and just play. It certainly takes mind of work.

A friend of mine told me to read Kite Runner. Saw this book quite a while back during the days i like to read. And having read some blogs talking abt this book and some others, perhaps i should make a trip down to the library and read the first few pages. I always feel that a good book would be one that will make me want to keep on reading after the first few pages. Da Vinci code and Digital Fortress by Dan Brown are the first two and only books that took reading to a whole new level -- if i could lie down and read the whole day, i would.

A mother should never push a kid too much. Otherwise, the kid would write "I don't like my mother!!!!!!!!!!" when u ask her to write the answer to 213-53. Should u have kids one day, and should they be very bright at sucha young age, be thankful to God that uve been blessed with a brilliant child. Dun be too occupied into making her even brighter that all u know is scold when she doesnt get full marks. That u forget that she is just 7.

Touching on my future and university, the question begs to be answered: Does my future lies in civil engineering?

Ive yet to find the answer.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthdays and me

19th January was my sis bdae. Dunnoe why but i still dun buy all this bdae hoo hah. To me it's just a day that happens to be the day u were born. And ure just a year older and what else is there to it?

Maybe ive been deprived of the "excitement" of it all coz ever since i can remember, birthday celebrations end when ure 5 or 6. Guess since mama too dun see the big hoo hah in birthdays, that's why i see em this way too.

I dun think it's gd to see it this way but take this as a learning point. The things u expose ur kids to when theyre young will have a direct impact on the kind of guy he grows up to be.

But of course, at the moment, circumstances only allow me to see things from one perspective. Hopefully, the said circumstances will change with time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First time i was late for work. First time the bus journey to work exceeded an hour. Before school reopened, it took ard 40-45 mins. And once i did overslept and missed my stop and took another bus back and i still managed to be 5 mins early. Now i could sleep and wake up twice and the bus would still be somewhere along Thomson Road.

How i wish the government would increase ERP and COE and Road Tax and Fuel prices and car prices. For now ..... till the day i could afford to own a car.

Friday, January 4, 2008

One of the things i had to polish while at work was my people management skills. I face different situations everyday. Different people, different attitude. Some good some bad. So how do i deal with difficult poeple? What is the best way to avoid conflicts?

"The customer is always right." If the other party is made to think that they are always right even though most often then not they arent, they'll end up satisfied and choose not to lodge a complain. It may seem like im giving in but it's perfectly fine for me. What's the point of telling them what u really feel about the situation when all you'll do is make ur customer more angry?

And of course, this is only just the customer. Managing relations with employers and fellow friends and colleagues only makes it even more challenging.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new post. A new place. A new year.

Hopefully a wonderful year ahead for both you and me.

Was watching CNA and noticed the moving headlines below and i just feel that Dinara Safina is such a beautiful name. First time i heard her name. Apparently it's russian. But still, sucha beautiful name.

Dinara Safina.