Saturday, July 22, 2006

oh finally

..oh finally the day has come. A few more hours and ill be gone. Leavin on a jet plane and i dun noe when ill be back again.. if ill be back again. haha...

woke up and i remembered my dream... that i got posted to 1st Guards. haha... mustve been my subconscious. Well i dun worry abt my posting after sispec. if i dun mind 1st Guards, i wouldnt mind anything.

Reportin to airport tonite. And theyre making us wear leather shoes lah! Dad has a couple of leather shoes but all are worn out coz he used to wear them to work. I kindof like the Hush Puppies one coz it felt super comfortable but sadly, it worn out and torn. Might go and get myself my first gentleman's shoes.

They dun want us to look like soldiers. Yet all the uniformity.

And i wonder wonder I wonder how, i wonder why. Yesterday u told me bout the blue blue sky..... Stop wondering lah dib and hock! haha... =)

Till im back. Echo elite! Hoo~ah!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


cant wait for my ROC trip. Anxious. Cant wait to go someplace else besides Lim Chu Kang and Mandai to train. But i worry if i left out something from my packing list.

There's this primary sch reunion some time on e 5th of Aug. Wasted i couldnt go. Coz 1stly, i used to not go to such things so it'll be great if i go abt this differently. 2ndly can meet old friends... something i used to not bother with also. And 3rdly, hmmm... cant tink of a 3rd reason at the moment. Wateva it is, i wished i could make it.

Was thinkin thinkin thinkin and i realised tt i culd be missin some people for real for quite some time. And missin someone was sthg i used to find a waste of time.

Looks like ill be wasting quite a lot of time....

Monday, July 17, 2006


A long day today too.

Wenta my dad's new place. Mama wanted to go there. Been exactly a mth since he left us. Mama still cries when she talks about him. But going there aint easy coz a cab to and fro can easily cost $30 max. The bus + mrt combo would be a more affordable mode but time consuming. Well we spent a gd 30 mins there b4 we headed back home.

Wenta PS in the afternoon... my bros band performing. So they ended up winning the only award up for grabs -- the grooviest band award. Not bad..

Wenta Serangoon to meet Hafiz. Wanted to borrow a couple of uniforms. Needed a few set of unfaded green smart 4s. So now i have wat i want.

Rushed to Beach Rd to get wateva stuff i need for the trip to taiwan. Rushed back home after tt.

Still got a couple more things to buy for my trip. Gonna go back sch to collect my alevel cert. And am thinkin of wat to get for me and my sibs in taiwan. =)


Its getting kindof boring to go to places by myself. HAH! To think that i used to think that i would enjoy being in a world called isolation for the rest of my life. Well i was wrong.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

rare day

went out twice. yea yall didnt read it wrong. twice. met up with friends and sort of just talked.

had lunch with someone from school. talked about stuff here and there. was great. never really actually went out just for lunch with anyone before. haha. yea.
had dinner with a couple of someone from school. hock and eugene. talked about stuff here and there too! More like talked about stuff all over j8. Abt army and soccer and grace. grace can talk melayu already seh. Can only imagine her talking in malay. haha. And i never really actually went out just for dinner with anyone b4 oso.. haha... just happens that today happens to be my free day and when im free, i really dun mind doing stuff i seldom/never do...

got home. brought my bros chickenchops frm kfc. sister was out working at some mini cooper amazing race stuff tt i wasnt even aware of. Its a one off event. And talked to mum about my friends. And about me going out. About how i used to not want to go out because i dun wanna be scolded by my mama like how my sis was wheneva she comes home from her outings. About how friends need to be maintained and how she thinks that if i got free time, i should ask my friends out and what not.

Haha... I never asked anyone out before. Why would i coz i never liked leaving home anyway. Well now tt ive sorta break tt never-asking-anyone-out streak for the first time tis week, ive a feeelin things may change.

But i wonder if itll take me 3 years b4 i start askin anyone out again. lol.

Tired eyes. gd nite.

Sunday, July 9, 2006


2 weeks confinement. Felt like it'll never end.Live firings. Navigation. heli trng. More live firings. Marches. Runs. Urban warfare.

I was missing home.

There was a couple of events tt took place tis past 2 wks tt would help me become a better person in future. Was under a lot of pressure during that few hours. Luckily, matters were resolved and it was a gd learning experience for both me and my platoonmates.

And ive been a bastard lately. Too much time spent in camp versus at home might have made me lose touch with the real me. But the experience was good too. U learn how to make things right and get things back to the way it was.

Was lookin thru the 3 big photoalbums we hav. Mostly pictures from the past. None from the past 6-7 years? Dun remember seeing or taking any pictures of late. Saw my baby pictures. Me and my dad. Could see that he preety proud of his first little boy.

Now im preety proud of my dad.