Saturday, January 29, 2005

FInding Forrester

aNother great movie i just watched. Very inspiring. wished that I too could write like Jamal Wallace.... i missed the first one hr of the show....wasted...watched the other 2.5 hrs....its a long movie... and a great one!

the family day planning is a very exhaustive one. NOw i noe wat it feels like doing a business.... hope something more productive can be done by the end of next wk....

Friday, January 28, 2005

the fourth wk?...

Finally had some time to spare.....been busy catching up wif hw...tired after soccer trainings...
Life has been great. Had greater control of my time in skool...was doin werk most of the time after skool..

BEen havin problemz wif my electrochem and differential eqn....waaah....hav been copyin hw blindly for the past few daes.....and i m not proud to say tt i copied. Didnt want to impede the progress of my grp members... fizix is the IN subject now.Happie to say tt i can do current of electricity and dc circuit by myself....not forgetting the help i got frm my classmate in helping me master some key concepts......

sooccer word......"GREAT".......mmmm

two cool words tis wk......"class politics"

being a class leader was fun.... exhaustive,yes.......tiring,yes.....but its all in the package. Its hard standing in front givin instructions.....afraid tt they might sound like orders... always trying to get ppl to werk WITH u and not FOR u...... getting ppls support and cooperation. Lucky for me, my class is great.....supportive... but wen the teacher gets spoils everything...2 ...hav stepped down...givin others a chance to lead.... one is going soon....leaving me and the 2 new guys...whos the new addition?I dunnoe.... wen will i be next? I dunnoe. I nvr got a chance to lead wen i m in secondary sch...or pri taking tis chance now... and will i ever give it away? guys....if u want my role...u have to stage a revolution and challenge me.... i aint going down tt easily...not till i ve done wat nds to be done....

LOL ...just kiddin.....

anw, better do some werk now....haha....till nxt time....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

3rd week of skewl already??!!

ITs already the third week of school...can u believe it?.....I certainly can't...

I m still in the team.Lucky me. Must put in my BEST in the next few trainings!Practising heading balls after balls quite painful oso...hopefully nvr get brain damage...touch wood..

Regarding the pre-u seminar, dun tink i want to go. COz then i'll have additional thngs on my timetable... and the teacher didnt ask for a response so....ya...maybe nxt time...haha...

Did lots of work this past few days. Holiday homework have all been done! But i have yet to revise this year's work like electrohem...redox...DC circuit... must quicken my pace a bit...and start relearning last year's work too!

Today, Hock told me tt he do currents worksheet till qn 8 oready. SO fast!! SO i stayed back in skool and do tt tutorial...till qn 9..haha....Its good to hv ppl like him....can sort of have a benchmark....

Some people make me sweat during civics today...becoz of some things i wrote in my reflections for SL...its unclear...the way i wrote it made it seems like...nvr mind...haha....and the teacher said i didn t blush, my face just turned red....-_-"... anw..hmm...yah...

Time is going by very qwuickly now....i can feel it....can you?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The second week has passed...

Time does fly. First, it was Happie New year and now, it has since been two weeks. The second week was a much pleasant week. Been doin work consistently. But I have also been sleepin early. On Thursday, did homework in skool wif Hock ...and Yuying(...hock lah), frm 3-7... got home ate..and slept at nine! my school uniform!...while watching a lil bit of TV! ... didn't had time to redo an essay nor revise for chem spa assessment. Woke up at 5 on fridae morning and had to rush--iron my clothes(not the one i wore to sleep), pack my bag and read the chem notes...

Manage to do the chem spa assessment..though with loads of mistakes... anw.. had soccer training tt fridae afternoon.The COach made it clear tt he'll be droppin some players to reduce the squad to 24 men...meaning 5 had to go. WE had a game against each busy writing stuffs(maybe who's in and who's out)... played ok today... but me and shak kind of surprised we didnt get to play the second he tryin to see more of the others by not playin us....or did he had enuff of us...?...HAHA...anw, shook hands wif shak while on the stands..calling him the captain of recre soccer, me the vice-cap... gave posts to the other 4 ppl who weren't playing. It was a way to loosen up things... to look forward into the near future. If i m not selected, i wun be tt upset... the coach and the team have really changed me as a footballer...But i noe i ll still be in the team for the nxt few trainings.....pray hard!...and play hard!...shak too!

Had fitness training at the end of the session...ran a couple of sprints...was ok...feelin a lil bit tired and had wobbly legs...didn't feel like dyin though coz my fitness had doubled or tripled over the past one year...haha... was encouraging the other J1s and all not to give in to their tiredness.... haha...was in their shoes early last year... anw, the results for who's in and who's not will be out next monday. Hopefully my name will be on that list.

Was asked by the form teacher after skool on Fridae afternoon,me and the other 2 class leaders...regarding some pre-u seminar...a wk stay at NUS... 30+ students frm each JC...during the june hols...... sounds like fun but have to go thru some interviews...which is what most ppl are afraid of... anw, my knowledge on things is not tt good also...meaning i wun be tt good a candidate for the seminar... but it took me less than a minute after she told us tt i should try and go for it. Take wateva opportunity tt comes in my way. I got nothing to lose anyway right? It'll be a great learning experience for me if i do make it i hv wat it takes?... Should i go for it?...I wouldnt noe if i dun try...well....i guess i'll go for fun....face the panel of interviewers....and see wat happens!...i told myself..u have to go thru these kind of interviews at some point in it at work or when i apply for a place in guess i ll try..yeah!
Like i said...i got nothing to lose but all to gain...

Till nxt time..!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A week has passed....

Passed thru the weeks wif my Gp hw undone.... escaped the wrath of my teacher. HAd to finish it during the wkend.... nd to study for chem test too!

Had college CIP on Fridae..given a chance to lead. Boy! Did i had a great time. Inyan was a very cooperative group. Did loads of planning prior to Friday with the rest of the class kind of made us closer to each other. We should hv more college CIPs like this....maybe J1 lead....

Today is TUesdae...frm today's standpoint, the first week of school was really horrible. Felt alone maybe becoz there's so much to do... needed time to think and talk to myself...after the weekends...more stuff were done and when the second week began, i felt kind of relieved. Became more focussed and have more time to be lame. Haha.

It was a wake up call the past week...a warning of how there's simply no time to spare in J2...everything was rush rush what other teachers have said last year. No more bargaining for more time to do hw... it's me who'll be sitting for the's me who decide whether i want to do my work or not... So....i'll be looking forward to brighter weeks ahead!

Urs trulie..

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

A bad start to the new skool year

Firstly, the day started in pe lesson. Took height and weight. I weigh 66 kg, 177 cm high. I was the only guy in klass to lose weight. Haha.... Anw, the rest of the day went downhill. It started with Maths. We were supposed to hand in our holiday assignment today, but i was not ready to hand did the others. She got rather mad and began lecturing us... fair enuff... i too would be disappointed if i was her but its the first day of skool for goodness sake, although I dun wan to give excuses for not handing in my work on time. Finally managed to complete tonight. Will hand in tmr first thing in the morning.

Next was GP...didnt bring the newspapers...didnt bring summary...the 2 last minute essays were horrible... haven complete articles.....must hurry redo them tonite.... i didnt want to show that i have attitude problem... Was generally disappointed wif myself.

This was not helped by my sudden feeling of loneliness which MAY be due to the loss of ADib...(yes he is still alive)...Loss in a different sense. Spent my day in isolation most of the time...the person I talked to the most was myself.... and the only thing that followed me everywhere I went was my bag. Anw, i needed time out from the rest of the world...Just so others noe tt I am not avoiding them nor do i hate being in their company. I need LOTS of time to reflect, do stuffs....

In general, had a really bad day today..... must prepare for tmr's assault. Tryin to do as much stuff tonite. Better get goin now....

Monday, January 3, 2005

Second day of "Happie New Year!!"

Began my day at 7am, just like yesterday. Began with physics, just like yesterday. Finally finished my physics,unlike yesterday.

Anw,was heading towards the bathroom when I saw this little girl. She was looking at me...then she looked elsewhere. No no no....its not anything supernatural lah...It's just that there was a show on tv."Amy" was the title. That girl, maybe ard 6-7 years old, looked so preety... so I stopped and lied down in front of the Tv. So, the girl's name was Amy, Amy Enkar. The setting was Britain...seems like it to me.

Amy was I soon found out that it was due to shock. She could not hear when ppl talked to her, but could hear when they sing to her. The story unfolds in such a way that in the end...she could talk. It was a very very beautiful show-- the best of its kind. It formed tears in my eyes at the end of the show. Never has a show been so touching. Wonderful! Amy Enkar was played by Alana de she french?Haha....wonder how preety she looks right now...:)

A good start to a new day of the new year! Have to rush through my General Paper now...Later..!

Its almost seven now...and still doing the essays...workin on the outline for my second essay. Tv's showing Ocean's eleven tonight. MAN! Its a must-see-movie and if i choose to watch this once-in-my-lifetime movie, I must BURN my midnight oil...See how later...I tink i can finish the 2 essays tonight...I shall also try to do as much gp articles as possible. DO the MOST IMPORTANT ONES first. It's always like this at the end of the holidays. Normally, I would cry on the night before the start of school..hehe.....because I have lots of stuffs still haven do...I normally regret not fully utilising the hols. BUt not this time...I tink I can handle all the scoldings and stuff like that...and is more capable of using all the time available to sort things out.Yeah!

Just came back from the barber. MAde one BIG error...tagged along wif my mum. She too wanted to go out. My hair was ALMOST perfect....when she suddenly appear out of nowhere and told the barber to cut it even shorter....ARGGHHH....the barber asked me, "u sec wat?"...Please...I am seventeen....He said he have a sec 2 son...and he allows him to do wateva he likes wif his hair....
My mum still thinks I am in Primary school. At least she wants me to be the 9 year old who would walk close beside her,hold her hand....But she has to accept that I am 17!Anw, at least she still cares about me...but...grr.... Have to iron the clothes for tmr...will do tt while watchin Ocean's 11...will it be a cool show?...Better than national treasure??Lets wait and see..

Thats it from me today... come what may when school opens tmr....i m prepared to face it with everything that i've got!...BRING IT ON, 2005!

Sunday, January 2, 2005

My first day of "Happie New Year"

I had a "great" time today...yea rite... Started my day at 7 am today. Did physics homework till abt 9am.Had breakfast. Continued with physics again till 3pm.Its now 3.27pm and still doin physics...almost done...argh...My backside gettin numb already.Hmm....lemme predict what'll happen later...I ll do physics till about 6. Bathe. And do GP at night. Lucky tonite's movie is MIghty Joe Young...watched already!!Quite boring lah, unlike National Treasure!Whahahahax;)

Just remembered I need to repair my bag...theres a huge tear on the top part. Wanted to buy a new bag but, must spend the funds we have WISELY. Its maybe a norm to get everything new just because its a New Year but I prefer to use my stuffs till it cant be used anymore. Looks like i have to give my bag a scrub too since it has been almost a year since i washed it. cousin gave me tt may be years since the bag is washed. All this must be done by tmr or the bag will be wet come Monday. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow... like it did for the past hmmm....4 days? But if it does rain tmr, I dun need to go for the Mc Ritchie morning jog tmr...made compulsory for all soccer ppl.

Its 8.28pm now and still doin my wif grace for a couple of minutes, the funniest thing i ever seen or heard today...maybe it shall be "The first joke of the New Year"....In her nick....she put there "i ate my dog and hw". Hahaa.. it may not sound tt funny wen i mention it like tis but, it was HILARIOUS when i first saw it. Lifei put "My dog ate my hw",but i found it common. But Grace's one,found it farnie. Maybe it's also another common one...but I never heard of it in my entire life. Ok then...must rush my physics now....hehehe

Its almost 10 now...almost done wif my physics...just a few qns left.I shall leave that to tmr coz rite now, it's, in the words of Hock, "articles chiongin time". But before i do that, i shall end off today's entry and start posting it already!

Today, was a boring day. Was filled with homewerks. Who else to blame other than...the TEACHERS!!!??? --No! I brought this unto myself. GOt 8 weeks of holidays to clear up my hw and of all the days there is, I chose to do it on New Years Day. Maybe, this is a sign of what MY 2005 would be like...full of last minute work, boredom and lots of time on my bum doin work. Haha...maybe not..

Anyway, heres wishing me, myself and I .....and of course to all my friends out there....including Strangers... who may or may not one day be my friends...

............."Happy New Year!!!" and may u all have a pleasant year ahead... :)

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Goodbye 2004......HOLA 2005!!!

Wats there to celebrate about the New Year? To me, it means more homeworks,stress,new stuff to memorise,old stuff to memorise,the A levels,need I say more? To those of you who'll be goin to Sentosa for the Countdown...beware of tsunamis!!!Whahaha!...The tsunamis wasnt expected...but it happened.And just because smart people out there says we're sheltered...that does not mean we are safe coz' no one in this world can escape from His wrath...And then there's also the notorious enemy of the world,terrorists who hate this kind of events...if one or two of them slip in undetected with a body strapped with C-4....BOOM!

Anyway, enuff with my nonsense.It has been a long time since I wrote my last entry. Had been busy with all this homework stuff that I couldnt think of anything nor have the time to blog. The "start day early,end day late" routine didn't go as according to plan.It was ok the first 2-3 days...but then, theres the soccer trainings and matches. I couldnt sleep late,worried that I ll be tired the following day. So I slept early and I couldnt start my day early coz' like i've said..theres soccer. Even when theres no soccer, it is damn tiring following this routine coz' the amt of sleep loss accumulates...and I ll be very very tired for 4-5 days after the 2-3 days.
But by constantly following this pattern of sleep, this will reset my biological it'll slowly integrate into my daily concrete evidence though!

My 2004
It has been a year full of downs ...and ups.

January-March:Got posted to AJ.Was the only JC I wanted to go to due to some unexplainable reason...Had a good 1st 3 mths tauhid,Karthik,Kin weng....formed one super slack group....Somehow...I got influenced by them to skip lecture and tutorials and "make money"....LOL! Nthg much to say regarding school work,except that I was the GP rep which gives me the chance to know everyone in class better. I joined the interclass debate too...was an extra..the fourth speaker...haha...but still got a certificate of participation. Can put inside portfolio.

Towards the end of the 3 mths...there was a physics competition which requires us to build sthg...i cant remember what.Guess what?My grp comprises of the 3 guys mentioned above and we DIDN't DO ANYTHING!! The physics teacher got so mad that she WENT ABT SAYIN that she's the teacher in charge of admissions and that she may not allow us to return back to AJ after we got our O level results. EVEN if we got enuff points! ANd there we were...worried that we may not return...I was especially worried since AJ was the only JC I wanted to go to..and therefore..I contemplated about goin to POLY..the place I wanted to go to in the first place.

In the end...I manage to get into AJ along with Tauhid,who was also my secondary school friend.The other two went to YJ...not because of the PHYsics teacher, but because they didnt have the points...Halfway...Kin Weng,who was my friend when i was in Primary 5 and 6...went to poly.

March-October: Since I can't remember anything in specific, I ll lump the months together. Had a great class after the second admission exercise...but a lot were complaining about how our class lack the their first three months class was better. But nothing significant was done to solve this problem. From my very own eyes, I think that our class just needs a longer time to bond as compared to other class. BUt i think, the bonding NOW is still not strong yet haha....every one has their own grps in class...Anw, I dun really care about class bonding and all. The thing that is most important to me is that we as a class can do things as a class, respect one another and can tolerate one another's presence. It is good enough that there's no violence in our class...and the only conflicts we may have is when we discuss about class bonding...ironically.

Studies wise, I ve been struggling with work. I have poor control of my time, sadly. When it comes to tests, I been getting FFF for two consecutive common tests. I told myself tt if i want to promote...must do better for the third common test and the promos. AFter more hardwork and commitment to my studies...did manage to promote---with the minimum grades required.I should count myself lucky. During the period after the promotional exams and before getting the results, I told my mum that there is HIGH POSSIBILITY that I may get retained. Lucky for me, she seems to understand that JC life is not that easy...

Next year is the deciding year! I dun noe wat to expect...but I m definitely more than ready for it.Hopefully, I'll breeze through next year and get excellent results for my A-levels...and then go to U/hunt for scholarship. Would AAA be a realistic target? I tink its possible.Till next year then....