Friday, March 18, 2016

The Good Boy

It's been a while.
I guess there hasn't been much need to sit and reflect and write coz the days just pass so very fast! Until this week (had extracted the last 3 wisdom tooth and had time to recover at home).

I realize that sometimes, having too much time may not necessarily be a good thing as you tend to not realize that you're encroaching into other people's space. There's a common space, and then there's personal space. And when you unknowingly and happily stepped into personal space and gets told off, you back away. And hide in your cave once more.

Because it's safer that way. To be quiet. So that you don't offend anyone.

It's like that little boy who wants to get close to you. But push him away one too many times, and he will just walk away on his own. Because he is a good boy.