Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What goes around comes all the way back around

All the maths and science i know are now six feet under whatever brain i have left. Realised this when my cousin wanted me to teach him complex number -- which was kind of one of those topics i was skilled in. And my brain was two or three pentium slower when it comes to processing simple trigo. Like how to convert angles from degrees to radian.


And Lets not ask where's all my chemistry...

While teaching my cousin, i came to a realization that working and studying isnt applicable to me. Im the kind who give my all in only one thing. So splitting my all into two seperate jobs isnt my thing. It'll be either full-time study or full-time working. And if i do go back to school, the only tutees that i will teach are my two bros who have been preety much left to "self study" ie. Studying for exam the next day during the adverts in between The Amazing Race.

Was reading Today this morning. (Realised the news inside are of almost the same quality as ST.) Anws, came across this advert on one of the page. Some dentist advert. "You could be just 7 days away from a designer smile" was what caught my eyes. Ok... maybe it was the set of teeths that was more or less like mine. So checked out their site and everything seemed to good to be true. Of course theres the price... $800 per tooth. Which means to say that having that beautiful smile shall continue to be a dream. haahah.. Guess it is every kids dream to look beautiful no matter how old you are...

** I see ur true colors shining thru**

The dove advertisement about kids with low self esteem suddenly comes to mind.

finally discussed how much mama actually need for a month. While mama was washing the dishes, she told me what she pays for and i wrote down everything on paper (typical me). And bills and my bros and sister's allowance amount to an estimated $460. Those of you who have eyes of an eagle will see that ive not included my mama's allowance.

So i cheekily asked her is $40 enough to feed the family for a month. A rhetorical question. Soalan cepu emas.

The answer was a laughter. So I decided on a budget of $90 to feed everyone. Im also hoping no one gets sick coz what im giving her doesnt include trips to the doctor. And i really cannot up my offer. (Thinking of removing my toilet's light bulb to cut cost)

So let me do the maths with you guys(my maths is buried 6 ft under remember?)

Income - Insurance - mama's share = my final allowance
$702.50 - $50.70 - $550 = $101.80

So i'll be getting $1.80 more than my sister. Minus $40 transport. I'll be getting $10 more than what my brothers will be getting a month each. Of course my meals are free but still....

I still need to save, if not for school for my marriage... haha... and mama said i would need at least $30k b4 even thinking about marriage. And im also thinking about a laptop to replace my wounded pc, a set of nice teeth, a driving license, and the prosperity meal at McDonalds..haha.. maybe there's a reason why i was groomed to be the stay home guy with no life afterall.

Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.

Loved writing karangan peribahasa during my memorable secondary school days. I wonder if my malay is still as smooth flowing as it used to be.

And the 50+ mama of mine wants to find a job in the near future. Close your eyes and ask yourself where can u find 50 somethings working? I can only think of cleaners and tuckshop auntie. but upping her allowance by $250 should be enuff for her to set aside thoughts of finding a job. I wouldnt want to see her working at this age too.... Lucky us we have savings to eat into if we really really need extra...

So to the kids reading my blog, life is really full of ups and downs... and all one like me can do is to smoothly surf up and down and up and down and not fall off....

... and always remember that life is more than just laptop, fine set of teeth and chicken prosperity meal...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

THis week

well like always, nothing spectacular happened. Except for the change in blog template. Was "exploring" the "new" blogger functions and there goes my old template. It takes time to reedit templates, now tt i dun have the com all to myself, so i''ll have to make do with what i have now.

Been thinking about alot of stuff. Stuff that i want to sit and slowly write.

Came across some document i typed out quite some time ago. And i really dun remember some of the stuffs i wrote. And reading it for the second "first time", i found it rather amusing. How time really flies. The things i used to think about when i was a year or two younger... Kind of full of nonsense... hhaha...

Thinking about it, i kind of miss being in school. Being around friends. Though i preety much am the spectator in school. But still....

but thinking about the project, and homework, and books.... made me think about it again..

oh well....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


24hrs to my next book in. why so soon?

1/2 my day gone spending time at my grandma's place. Told her to count five days before my next visit. Now that im back at home, ive really got nothing to do.

Been thinking of stuffs i could do to keep me occupied.

Swimming(trying to learn how to), squash, table tennis, badminton, computer games anything...

And the saying it takes two to tango comes to mind. (unless i get nintendo's wii)

Did think of finding out what maths(read: mess?) i might be getting myself into if i go uni so that i could learn on my own and kill time solving equations..... but this would further isolate me from the world.

NOTE to self: living without a PERSONAL computer kills.
(might get one soon.......)

Take care .... hope to see you guys soon......

Sunday, February 11, 2007

a month into the new year

Bowled for the first time in my life during company cohesion. Got my first strike. Bowling's quite fun afterall.

Thought about reapplying my uni course. Thinking of getting a course in NUS instead of NTU. NUS is much closer. Any idea how i could go about reapplying?

Happen to be at the new Harvey Norman at Novena mrt last sat and i saw my dream computer. $1499. Its like a quarter of whatever i have gone. Of course i was a bit frustrated that it could only be my dream computer... but i guess ive become one of many who can only afford to look.

I have a problem. When im frustrated, i tend to spend. Spending becomes like therapy. It makes me feel as if my life is still like others. That i can still afford to buy stuffs. Of course the only thing that i spend on would be can drinks, and the occassional nasi lemak at the canteen on days when breakfast at the cookhouse is not up to standard.

Deployment starts again this tuesday morning. Will be on off from tues night till thurs night. And the 4 days work cycle resumes for a month.

I borrowed a book about design and structure for architecture. maybe it might give me a hint of what i would be learning when school starts next year. But not surprisingly, it's giving me headaches. Not the contents but more of the whole idea of studying that's disturbing me. Perhaps i gotta start getting used to reading soon. Also relooked at the courses i might want to reconsider taking and suddenly i realise that im no longer as keen as i used to be.

Was reading my friend's Men's health mag and saw this stat which says that a person's brain cells die faster when one is alone than when one is around people. Quite scary huh?

Oh im not as sad as i may come across to be. Im still the guy who talks alot , watches a lot of Tv, read books, write stuffs, plan stuffs and stuffs like that. And yes im still the guy who seldom goes out. Ive calculated: I wanna try put aside $16 for transport. $4 to and back from camp 4 times a week.

have a nice day!