Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long silence...

Here's an update.....

Im well and alive. Waiting for 77 days to pass by. The day i'll be free from the routine of army. Waiting for the short break i really need and then start working in what they call the real world.

Currently just killing time looking for possible jobs after i ord. Reading books. TRYING to understand how the market works, but it just seems so so complex.

And i enrolled for class 2b a month back. Took my first prac on the 23rd of july.... and right now, am waiting for my 2nd part of lesson 6 on the 2nd of sept. Hope i could get an earlier date through last minute cancellations. Initially i thought of getting my licence in time for my 20th birthday but seems like im gonna miss that target.

Haha.... i noe ive never shown any interest in bikes in any of my entries. Its a new found liking.
Was thinking more along the line of long term transport mode when i start to work after ORD. And after which i would most probably be going to school.

Hope u guys are doing well in whatever ure doing. Catch up with ya some time soon. Till next time.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


was talking to my mum. heard her talk.

and i know why my dad got very very angry whenever my mama complains to him about our conduct. Initially i thought he was just over reacting. Something that's just uncalled for.

But today, i realise it's not. Now in his shoes, i too feel angry and disappointed when she tells me what ive been missin the past five days...

Well, sometimes no matter how hard you try to bring up your kids properly, they still turn out to be as though their parents didnt raise them well. Is it fair to let parents take the blame?

You can't control who they hang out with. Their friends. Bad influence.

No wonder my dad did when he was around. I finally understood why.