Wednesday, May 31, 2006


first family outing to the movies ytd-minus the sister and the father (school and work respectively) .....

WEnta Lido. Haa... mama led the way. She knew where to alight, which exits and turns to take. Haha... And to think i'd been there like a couple of months back only lah! Her last time taking the train going to that part of singapore mustve been like ages ago! Haha.... ive got lots of training to do....

.....However i must say tt going to the movies isnt a good place to chill with ur family. Best to go with friends. That's what i think lah, based on the 2 previous cine trips with my friends.

.... Family outings are better when u accompany ur mama walk round and round looking at pots and pans and glasses and clothes and what not without even buying them. I mean, no matter how tiring and irritating and annoying it may feel, at least there's bonding thru things like "I wanna go home", "Can we go home now" and "I still want to walk walk somemore"...

....Eating at McD or cavana is even a whole lot better than the movies. Sitting face to face with ur siblings, seeing how adorable they are, disturbing them, sharing foood and drinks, seeing how they eat, the way they talk....

Well tts just my personal preference. Home sweet home.


Mama woke up sick. Had to run a distance to my aunt's place to get medicine. Early morning sprint. Got to buck up my stamina. Might hvta take a trip to the doc. Hope not coz i'm a bit lazy to move. But tis doesnt mean im unwilling.

It's all my fault. If i had trained up my stamina, mama wouldnt hv been sick.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When u've got time, stop, and think about life....

Almost 2pm. Woke up at 1030. First 4 hours spent on eating, washing my clothes... and thinking about what to do the next 3 days. And i was reading some other blog too. Some random blog i happened to chance upon during a google search.

If only i could write so well that people would want to read what was written before this post and the post before this and the post before that post and so on and so forth.... Haha... maybe unknowingly, ive already accomplished that... =P

Thinkin about the past.Thinkin about the future. Thinkin about tmr.

Gonna go watch movie wif my bros and mama. Dad got 4 free movie tickets from his workplace. Mustve got something to do with the DHL- MI3 ads on tv. Wells anws, the plan was to watch X3. Hope the plan works out. The ticket vouchers can be used at any Shaw Org cines.... and coincidentally, the last two and only cines ive been too had been Shaw Org ones... At lido and at BJ... haha... am glad im no longer alien to this sort of things...

Yet to watch DVC.... most likely be watching in on dvd.. Btw, anyone noes where to get pirated DVDs? haha.... siens..

Thinking of getting a PS2.... The sudden need of a means to relax after a week in camp. Thinking of getting a new pair of shoes too! But tt can wait. THinking of getting a girlfren? haa... man... tis is so lame.

I mean, reading some ppl's blog and they mention the word gf often in a joking manner, i remember myself doing the same lame thing last year. Haha... i mean the special someone, her, she, gf... though "LOL" or "haha" or "jk" tends to come hand in hand with these words, it is obviously obvious the point the writer is putting across.... So technically, if one says he is "Thinking of getting a gf... HAHA!", it means that recently, he has been thinking or dreaming about someone whom he likes

.... and he just wants to share his feelings, while it's still fresh, with the world.

.... Lol! My point being, i miss my past.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where one journey ends, another begins

tHis had been my final week in Sispec ... as a Private. There'll still be another 12 weeks at Sispec for me as a corporal.

We had Chemical Defence exercise on Monday and tuesday. I must admit it was the scariest moment in my life as a Sispec trainee. Haha... the chemical suit was freakin heavy and so-not-spacious that i got a panic atack once i donned the full gear. Haha.... didnt noe i was clausterphobic. Haha...maybe not. I think it was probably because its my first time wearing the suit. heh.. Anws, we had to go into a smoke chamber the next day and obviously, we had to put on the gear again. Wells, i was thinking of 101 reasons to fall out from training -- i got blocked nose on tt day. Haha..... Lucky i did not coz i wouldnt have anything to blog abt if i hadnt went thru wif it. I went thru wif it in the end and was really quite proud with myself. Hhaa... THe trick to "clausterphobia" is too be EXTREMELY calm and breathe in and out DEEPLY.

Had "Happy Hour" on Wednesday nite. Kind of like "prom". Had dinner. There's some performances -- some bad, some ok.. some games.. video presentation of our time at sispec.. and of course, lucky draw.

Hahaaa.... the lucky draw was the turn off of the event lah. PLatooon 3 was the platoon in charge of the lucky draw and they seem to win at least half of the prizes including the first prize -- a PSP!! So we audience tot tt something fishy was goin on and got quite disgusted when the 1st prize winner had been on stage the whole night lah -- one of the 2 emcees. Hhaa....So people walked out b4 they can even say we can go. Haha.... I really think its either foul play or us audience are sore losers. There could even be a conspiracy lah! I think there wasnt a PSP in the first place! It could just be an empty PSP box and the organisers used the first prize PSP as an object to make us audience wait till the very end of the event-- which explains why someone from platoon 3 had to win the prize. haha.... TOo much DVC i tink... hav yet to watch it... siens....

Wednesday thursday abit slacked. Cleaned our whole bunk area and all our equipments.

Friday had parade rehearsal and at night, got 28k route march. Blisters... Pulled the muscle behind my left

Saturday had actual parade. Posting order. Man... had to stay back in sispec for my seargent course. Must be my security clearance.Anws, was glad to noe that others saw in me what i couldnt see in myself and that i should learn to be a bit more confident in my abilities and to stop thinking so highly of others.

Saturday was also my last day with the friends i made during the past 10 weeks. The feeling sucked. They were probably among the best bunch of people ive been with lah. Hope our paths will cross someday.

Saturday was also the day all those posted to ASLC (Advance Section Leaders' Course) at my company came to my company. WEnta our bunks. Do some admin work. And had a brief briefing by our OC. He's a new guy. ANd i must say he seems at least 5 times better than the previous OC. His briefing lifted my morale and made me look forward to the start of ASLC. And of course, having Yong in my platoon made my day a bit better. Shit... now i must watch what i type here. Haha....


Next book in timing -- Friday 2nd June 0730H. I needed the rest.

Till next time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


What do u mean when u say tt im starting to disappear? Hmmmm.... i guess appearing once or twice a week -- and tts just online -- is as good as not being on the face of this earth.

Well its been a while since i saw my old friends... not surprisingly... Funny how some things'll just never change....


Second last week in camp this week. 9 weeks old friends will come to pass... The best bunch of people ive been ard wif since quite some time... gonna miss them.

This week, we had section "live" firing. It was as close as we could get to firing real humans. Some real life Counterstrike. Sadly, the whole firing lasted only 1 minute. BUt i was rather glad i got top frag. Fired 2 mags and i shot 12 people. I killed 12 people in under a minute!! I wanted to adopt a one click one kill policy but since we were given 6 mags of 30 virtual round, why not use all of em? BUt i was unlucky in the sense that after my 2nd magazine, the system kinda malfunctioned and that's it. Still cant believe that i'm deadly. Whahaha.... hope i get posted to Support Arms and become a sniper.


Had Exercise Nutcracker tis week. A defence exercise. 3D2N at Mandai. I was chosen as the Leader Platoon Sergeant. Its like a temporary leadership post assigned to random people thruout the course. There's like a list already drawn out at the start of the course for this role. But i wasnt on tt list. My name was sthg out of the blue.

Earlier on this week, my sir called me to the office to ask for my educational particulars and he asked me this question..... " If i send ur name to go OCS, u want or dun want?" To which i replied, "Yes sir". He reminded me tt tis isnt confirmed and i totally understands why. He'll only submit my name but ill have to go thru interviews and what not... Haha... the door has once again opened... Hope i get in. Then my pay will increase!

I gotta start thinkin of how to answer if they ask me why do i want to go to ocs...

Besides the pay, i really cant thiink of politically correct answers! Sure i like to lead and being able to lead a team and command their repect is really a shiok
feeling.... If only i could put my tots down in words....

Back to Nutcracker, I had 4hrs 25min of sleep in 3 days. More sleepless nights to come if i want to lead a life as a leader.


Army aside... i got accepted to NTU civil engineering. SAme as Nizar... Im glad i got accepted to something. ONly thing for me now is to find out what my future will be like should i choose to accept.


Im quite surprised at how my 2 bros are doing in school. One got 4 As, the other 2 As... Highest chem, highest malay, highest F&N .... and to think tt mama keeps saying they play soccer and never study... hah... maybe the school's setting some low quality papers...... hahaa.... Or maybe im just jealous tt i didnt do as well when i was sec 1? hahaahah.... Who noes...


One last thing before i go. The picture on my blog is gone. Argh.... my account on tt storage website had been removed coz it was inactive for 30 days. So for now, it'll be plain purple till i got time to create a new image....

Wells.... till then...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reading a book

Thank you for applying to the National University of Singapore(NUS).

Admission to the NUS is very competitive as a large number of talented students, such as you, have applied this year. However, the number of places for the course you have applied to is limited. We have looked at youd application carefully and thoroughly, but we are unable to offer you a place at NUS. I am sorry about this.

Well. This was probably the last thing one wants to see when he opens an envelope with NUS printed on it. However, this should be the only thing one should expect to see if he hadnt really put in as much effort as he should have in the days leading to the As.

Serve him right.

Another similar letter from NTU and there goes his future.


Well i shant be too bothered about this. Looks like ive learnt tt things dun always bloom like how i want it to be. And rejection is something that ive learnt to handle preety well. "Rejection" by OCS... heh... the Air Force... and now NUS...No use feeling bad or what coz it wun make them change their mind. Life goes on.

But, how life goes on .... haha... i dun noe. One and a half years to think about it. POly... work? Overseas uni? HAH... if only my parents earn big bucks.

hmmmmm....Maybe i could rob a bank. Too risky.

Well... lemme see.... if i were a normal malay... what would i do? What would i do? hmmmm .... i noe, start learning how to ride a bike. Get myself my own bike. And enjoy life. Till the day i get hit by a car or a lorry, get sent to the ICU, and wait till they pull the plug.

The simple life. Something i might consider. Having no worries for the rest of my days. In the wise words of Timon and Pumba... hakuna matata...


Well talking cock as usual. Wasting my time worrying. Shall go and read the book i wanted to read for so long now. Haha... couldnt find it in the libry but somehow, a copy lies in my sister's bedroom. Heh.... the da vinci code. again, my sister's one step ahead of me. Most prob she'll watch the movie ahead of me too....

haha.... MAy 18.


Shant waste time any further. Shall continue reading. Funny, somehow, i find reading a waste of time too. Lying on my bed for hours flipping thru the pages.

See.... am thinking too much. Who cares anyway? Id probably be wasting my life away too....


Till my luck changes.... good day...