Sunday, December 30, 2007

My trustworthy phone has been letting me down as of late. No reception. Cant call at times when i needed it the most. Cant sms when i needed to sms the most. I liked my old phone coz it can drop all it want yet it can still work.... Perhaps that's why it's giving me problems now. Guess all that outfield and numerous drops has taken it's toll on the phone.

On a lighter note, Love is Cinta is a good movie.

It doesnt hurt to dream, does it?

Starting to just sit in front of the tv for hours just watching tv....

Friday, December 28, 2007

From the day the child is born till the day he or she can think and make decisions on her own, the mother should be the one to raise the child. Not the father. The duty of a father is to provide maintanance for both the child and the wife.

There are those among us who act before they think, and end up having to face problems bigger than they can ever imagine. Who will look after our baby? I have to go to work. You have to go to work. Where can i possibly find enough money to feed the family? I dont even have enough to feed the child! Diapers, milk, baby food, clothes. What about friends? Clubbing? Late nights? Shopping? Im only 20. It would be a hassle for me to bring the baby around everywhere i go! If only i hadnt done this! If only i hadnt done that!

Regret sinks in. Conflicts. Arguments. You and i cant get along. No more chemistry. We were never made for each other. Let's go our own way.

And they forget the cute baby sleeping soundly in the bedroom, oblivious to what's going on around her.

They were blinded by love. He was handsome. She was preety. Thought they were matchmade in heaven only to realise it wasnt suppose to be made so soon. They thought taking the next step would seal the love they have for each other -- only to realise that it would be better if they had waited a few years more. Their parents had told them to focus on their studies first before thinking about having a relationship yet they choose not to listen, thinking that their parents' way of thinking is only relevant in the stone age. But when all else fail, the first person that comes to mind to help them look after the child is none other than their own mothers.

Trying to find the root of the problem. Whose fault is it? The parents for not raising their child well? The friends their child hangs out with? The media for potraying only the beautiful side of love? If not, what else?

If only social workers are paid well. I would love to pursue a degree in social work. If it doesnt happen in a month's time, an engineer i would be in the hopes of earning more so that i could then save enough to start thinking of starting a family.

I always tell mama that by then, it'll be too late to even start. But i guess better late than start early.... and having have to end it early too. I wonder what lies ahead for me...

PS: Wish i could go on a holiday and sit by the beach and just take my mind of work.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saw my p sch malay teacher a while back and it took me quite a while to believe it was him. It's been only like 10 years plus and he looks so....

.... old.

Ok i know we dont get younger as days go by but recently, i was looking at my niece's p school magazine, which happens to be my p school too, and my malay teacher looks the same like she was the day i last saw her!

It's either guys look older as they grow older or it's the girls with their anti-ageing cream and all the other stuffs that come along with it.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

First movie i watched that i wish wouldnt end. And i just feel as if i dun wanna watch any other movies anymore cause i want this sweet impression to last.

August Rush.

You guys should watch it!! The kind of movies that touches hearts. It certainly touched mine.

It's at

Friday, December 21, 2007

When ive got all the time in the world to myself, i wished it wouldve been put to greater use. And now that i think it's being put to good use, i wish that i could have all, if not half of the time that i used to have to myself.

Trying to strike that balance.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally im able to add a tagboard in. Been getting error messages whenever i tried to access cbox previously.

Pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjective and what have you. Didnt even bother matching the terms to the words when i was in school all the way till now. And now im having a hard time explaining it to a kid.

I was having a conversation about 'an' and 'a' with my camp mate while in NS. Is 'an' always followed by a word which starts with a vowel? He said yes. I said no.

And today i had to explain to a kid why it's 'AN honest boy' and not 'A honest boy'. Why it's 'A unicorn' and not 'An unicorn'. Told her its also got to do with the pronounciation, not just the first letter of the word.

3 pieces of luggage VS 3 pieces of luggages

There are many (sheep/sheeps) on the meadows.

I still dun understand why the answer is sheep and not sheeps. Is it coz the word "sheeps" does not exist? How about chickens and cows? Man, how do you master the English Language?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Someone asked me if i played for club. And if i'm a rugby player. Would have forgiven him if he's visually handicapped but the thing is he's not.

But ive got a philosphy about playing which goes like this: If u cant play, u must look as if u can play. Of course, at the same time, train ....

Trying to take my mind of work and stuffs and weekends are just about the right time to do so. And seems like ive got to find enough time to squeeze for myself, my grandma and home. Weekends used to past by very slowly in the past but as of late, Mondays kept arriving without me realising.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Teaching her, i tried to remember what it was like when i was i primary 2.

I was quiet and shy and kept to myself alot. When it's time for me to go home, i go home. Mama said that once i reach home, i'll immediately put down my bag and start to do my homework. And when she or grandma asks me to have lunch first, i would tell her i'll eat later cause i was afraid that i might forget what was taught.

Can imagine what it's like..... cant really remember me actually doing it.

Lucky for me, my tutee's a bright kid. And im trying to make her brighter.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Its sad to look at a 7 year old being asked which one of his parents would he want to follow. A 7 year old so innocent he doesnt even noe his parents will seperate.

Day in day out i ask myself this question.... Can love really make two lovers blind?

So so blind they confuse the child for a toy that could be chucked away anytime .