Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The engines are running....

Sunday Night
Sat down and arranged my chem notes and tutorials and all. Was all in a mess. Then, in a matter of less than half an hour, it was organized. (If only I knew this earlier) Anyway, I was in the mood for homework. Did chemistry for ard 2 11, my eyes were already tired. Quite painful to keep them wide open. So decided to take a short break---on the bed. LOL! Never take a break on your bed! Anw, woke up the next day. Nevertheless, at least I woke up hearing that my engines have started running.....

MOnday Morning
Had thought abt starting my days early to make up for "lost hours". Did wake up at 6.45 this morning. Washed my face and all and the thing I did wrong was to have another 5 minutes on the bed. Woke up at 10. Argh! 4 hours gone.

Realised that there's soccer this afternoon. Man! This would take my 12.00-6.00. Have to accomodate this in my planning next time.

Monday Evening
REached home at ard 6.30. Ate and watered the plants outside. Was doin chem inside the room at ard 8 when i opened the door to ask my 2 bros wat movie are they showing on TV. "STEAL" was their reply. OMG! How could I forget! Missed the first 10 minutes of the show. BUt that's where the scene of the guys on rollerblade flying over the tall steps were shown. That was so cool! Anw, had been wanting to watch STEAL since like when....2000? Haha...Review: "I'd give Steal 3 stars. They relied solely on their stunts and all to make me want to watch. Other sections in the movie was rather slow and boring." (UNlike National Treasure, which I gave 6 stars!!Awesome piece of work!)

ANw, did chem from 9.30 onwards and its now 2.40am. Had made a sign earlier this morning--"Do not Sleep before 3.00AM!" to remind me not to sleep early. End my days late,remember? It's working alright... But maybe its because of the scheduled appointment with my chem tutor tmr. Thats the reason why I booked a slot---so that I am being "pushed" to doin my work.

ALmost 3 already. Eyes open close open close. *Yawn**Yawn* Must persevere! Told myself that I like staying up late(Its true, except that I cant tahan the tiredness) and that I want to solve as many questions as I can. Telling myself this kept me up till 4, when I decided to turn in....worried that I might sleep through chem remedial.

Tuesday Morning
Nope...didn't sleep through chemistry. Went through half of my holiday assignments and just nice, managed to go through all my doubts within the 2 hours allocated. Was really thankful to her. So patient and all. Though she still can't seem to know her facts well, she wouldn't be there giving me and other students of hers remedials during the holidays if she had known all her stuff. The way I see it...the more cleverer they think they are, the more "busy" they get. Despite all the negative comments by other students, I still think she's a great chem tutor. Btw, she was the want that made me started doin my chem hw this year. If that guy was still teaching us, i would have given up chem. And yes, THAT guy knew his stuff alright!

TUesday Afternoon
Yawn* *Yawn* Reached home at 11.30. Ate breakfast/lunch and played NHL on the PS....wanted to take a break. Feeling very very tired. Fell asleep while watching TV. WOke up at 4. This tiredness I am feeling is making me think twice abt the whole "End my day late, Start my day early" routine. I don't know. But following this routine yesterday made me finish half of chem holiday assignments. Lets see how my life is affected in subsequent days.

Seriously, the engines are running. Can you hear it?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

LOng night.....

Looked at my watch today....9 wait a sec. Ooops, its the 19 already. For once I thought I still had a long holiday ahead of me. Its 12.45am now. Just watched "You got mail". Kind of late you may say but I am the kind who watches movies screened on tv, which would then be 4-5 yrs old already. See goin to cinema as a waste of money....not that I hv loads of money to begin with. Was a good movie. Kind of slow, unlike National TReasure, but very the romantic. If only something like that happened to me. And how I wish I was Joe Fox ...(Tom hanks, the multi millionaire).

SAt on my chair plotting my next move. Did some maths... and more plans for the future. It's almost two and still doin maths, a genius in the making?Hopefully that's true. End my day late and start my day early. That would help recover "lost hours". But what would happen to me in the long run? Sick?

NOw, when i am feelin bored or stress, I ll just have to take out an old sketch book of mind and doodle, relax. "Talk to myself" by writing stuffs in a notebook..some sort of a diary....haha..... Tonight was silent...the aircon went off due to the timer....heard the clocks in my room tick. Not one, not two but THREE clocks... not that i have a problem waking up and all.... kind of have so many clocks...what to do with them...why not use all three?

Drew out a plan to crash all my due stuffs into this 2 weeks. Was like "HUH? Still got so much time?"

Why is it always like this when u make a time table.... you seem to have all the time in the world? BUt ain't gonna relax no more. NO more same old mistake of delaying stuffs. Will do chem on sunday and monday. Then on Tuesday can ask my teacher questions.

I give up. Fatigue is killing me. I'm confused. I'm Tired. Gonna slp over it. Reflect on my day...past and future....and change.

Hopefully, someone will help solve my my dreams...zzZZzzZZ

Saturday, December 18, 2004

What's next in life?

I have always been one who lives life by the minute. Occasionally, I ll look into the future but most of the time... living day by day as it past. What do I want to be when I grow up? I had a thing for aero stuffs...whether its becoming a pilot, the technology involved in planes and helicopters.... This was my dream when I was 11 years old. Thats when most of us have all the time in the world to dream, to imagine...

6 yrs down the road, I've become a study study.... not that I become any smarter.... no dreams... nothing. Hock mentioned something about making his first million before 28 during one of our Project Work meeting... 1-2 wks before Oral Presentation.[ Basically it turned out to be more of a bonding session. I slept for 1 hour.... so did the other 3 ... we needed a break. We slept in an empty classrom.
Cool huh for a PW grp. Don't think we did much then...but still, I feel that my PW grp is the best!]

Anw, we were talking about Hock and his million dollar dream. I was like hmm....."Hey!That could be my dream! Since I couldn't really think about what I wanna be in future....why not adopt this 'million dollar dream'??" So found out that this could be a reality.... This is still my dream.

And tonight, a friend of mine asked...something along the line of ..have I been looking around for information regarding overseas universities and scholarships. Obviously, I did not. BUt she really made time stopped for me and made me think carefully.... "shouldn't there be a purpose in my life?"...."I should at least have an idea/dream of wat is available to me after JC"....we talked about degrees ,masters , phd..... introduces to me to the concept of life after JC....She gave me Cambridge's website for me to look!...Cambridge was THE university I always hear about in school when I was eleven....[back then, my teacher was the greatest] So, she once again kind of made time stopped for me again and made me think..." Was it a joke?...asking me to look at Cambridge?".

Of course I knew it wasnt. I knew that if she thinks its possible for me to be heading there in future, why shouldn't I think likewise? Why must I always see myself as a lowly-creature that can't do much? Been struggling with academics nor am I good in sports. But this shouldn't be MY excuse to look down on myself!
I keep forgetting this though.

ANw, she also mentioned about London's IMperial College direct masters in aerospace engineering...4 yrs.. and this rekindled my childhood dream.

I do have a dream after all. It was there all along... buried deep in me. Everyone out there have a dream-- it's just a matter of searching deep within.

What's next in life? I know that I shouldnt be living as the days roll by. I should look ahead by years. An engineer in the making, a millionaire in the making or a pilot in the making? That's what's next in life. ANd I have to work hard to turn all these dreams into reality.....

So Cambridge, here I come!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Last day of SL

Final day of sad.... gonna miss them, the blinds and the volunteers there,and *hehe*.... Had a great 2-3 weeks there. We have to write reflections after each session.... mine's almost done. Was really tired today. Legs feelin' very weak, same like Hock. Frankly, boredom starts to sink in today. After 2-3 weeks there and doing practically the same thing over and over again, it was a boring day today. But that part of volunteering. It made me stronger mentally. Even though I feel like quitting sometimes.... the spirit of volunteerism in me prevents me from doing so.

Touched the horse today. Don't believe can ask Grace....Finally..... It feels kind of warm and nice. Not that scared anymore...haha.....And will miss Hock singing too....

Monday, December 13, 2004

LOng dAy......

Read lots of papers today. In fact, the whole of November and the later half of October's morning papers to be exact. Had not been reading/touching the papers eversince the exams in early October. SChool's opening in 3 weeks had to READ well as do 42 articles. Have been cutting interesting news as I go along.

...which includes
  1. Casino here not a matter of money versus values
  2. Modern education "churning out robots"
  3. US colleges reach out for more boys
  4. Dutch rethinks free speech as ethnic tension grow
  5. Why Arafat failed in quest of statehood
  6. Lessons for Singapore from Swiss science powerhouse
....and my personal favourite....."I will hit the US until it is bankrupt,vows Osama"

And also, found out after reading November 17's paper that writer Goh Sin Tub was a 77 yr old man.....and he had just left this temporary world. He was the author of a book my Primary 5 teacher introduced us to( the book, not the author). Ps: My english's still fuzzy . His works were marvelous -- Race against Tim and Quasher of queue cutters... just to name a few... full of twists....very touching.... All that is left of him are his wonderful works.

My Sis went home today saying " I saw Sylvester! In Sun Plaza's McD!"(She supports Taufik, as does my whole family...except me of course!)

OMG! Why wasn't I there? haha......... In case some of you out there who dun noe hu Sylvester aka Sly is.... he is the guy who's suppose to win Singapore Idol if it wasn't Taufik!!grr... Anw, earlier in the day, she did mention abt Sly living in Sembawang....the place I live....but tts it den.....hope I ll see him ard

U rock SLY!!.....hmmm....yah....

Also, watched NATIONAL TREASURE today... what a great show man, was disappointed that in the end they....( how can i spoil it for you guys!) but there was a twist. hehe. Anyway, I'll give it 6 stars. The pace was good. Full of action and suspense! Not a boring scene at all! I was like " Cmon cmon...the bad guys are behind you!"...You guys should go watch it....

More work to do now..... so thats it for now...

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Progress Report

11.50 pm
>>>Took out a piece of paper and sketched roughly all the things that needs to be done

  • Essay1 "Let it be."(The Beatles) Is this a good advice?
  • Essay2 "The youth today is dictated by self-interest." Is this true of young people in you country?
  • 2 Compre Passages (Promos and SAJC Block Test JC2 2002)
  • 42 newspaper cuttings+p.e.e+mindmaps+link to essay qns


  • 18 pgs of Holiday Assignments
  • Self-directed Learning(SDL):Linear Interpolation
  • SDL:Numerical Methods


  • 13 Qns from holiday assignments
  • Past tutorials
  • SDL: Data Analysis
  • 34 qns given in small piece of paper
  • MCQs in TYS for Reaction Kinetics, Thermochem, Ionic Equilibria, Organic Chem
  • Prepare for Revision Test
Watever your mind can conceive, and your heart can believe, you can achieve. ANd if you put your heart and mind to it, you can succeed.


I've been saying all this while that I haven't started any of my HW yet and that there's only 3 weeks left before the term starts. I keep telling myself that I have to start now..... or else there'll be no time.

SADLY, I've not started doin anything concrete. I'll start tonight, while waiting for Real Madrid's match....hope they lose...but they're no longer THE team to hate.....Chelsea and Arsenal more like it....Too BAD!! Dun care......

ANW, dun noe what I'll do tonite.... but definitely...I'll do something all right..

Otherwise, I'll be DISAPPOINTED......

Monday, December 6, 2004


Saturday: Went to cousin's place. Had an open house there.....ate lots of food. Spent my night there as I can catch my favourite team Man U in action against Southampton. Poor Ronaldo.....missed a couple of chances.....he was frustrated even though he finally scored that final goal. Good game though. There's an outside chance Man U can win it!

Sunday: Woke up SICK..... sore throat and fever. Feel very very weak. Muscles are aching. An ankle injury I've picked up in the game against VS made it worse. BAthed in cold water..... not much difference....grr.... covered face with wet towel....not much diff too.... Is having SL tmr... HOpe will feel much better....

AND " Happie Birthday to HEATHER!!"

Monday: Not much time left....must go SL oready or I'll be late. Feeling quite alright though my right eye keeps twitching ......WHO'S TOkIN ABt Me OuT thERE???....Haha.....juz kiddin'

Hope I'll feel better as the day progresses......

ANd....HAPPY B"DAE TO MY TWO BROS...... 11 yrs old oready...must act like one ok?.. What should I get u guys.....hmm.....a kiss?? Haha....gtg now......

Saturday, December 4, 2004


Had a game at 9 this morning against Victoria School. There's three 30-minutes long halves, but can we still call it half? Anw, played in each half as centre-back. Waaaah!! Super super tired. Never lasted that long in a game before, but its the second time I played a full game. We drew 1-1....could have gotten the winner. I think I am improving as a player. Has been 2 months since I joined the team. Have started sliding to win the ball. And today, I won my first aerial ball...seconds before the final whistle. Pathetic I know... but I think I am playing differently compared to when I first started. It's a good start anw. Have to up my tempo... Will miss Monday's game( there's a small tournament against secondary schools AJ organnised) due to SL, but like the captain said after the game today,"If got SL nvr mind, but must continue to train on your own". He's very right.

Heard 2 guys got dropped today-- they played left backs with me today. Scared I'll be next coz my knowledge on the game is very superficial. My fitness oso like what. Will start jogging in the morning...been wanting to do this since a long time, but never had the time. Must be always on my toes.

Slept till 6 today...really really tired. Forgot to remove my contacts, again. Its been like what, my third time? Lucky never go blind. Was heating up the food when the phone rang. My teammate from Canberra United, a team the Community Club created, needed help to paint the markings on our field. It's almost 7pm...and still painting??!!

Anw, being the nice person that I am...haha... got on my bike and rushed there. The field is just behind the school in front of my house. Got home at 7.45. Reheated my meal and ate. Watch TV, Brady Bunch .....I dun evn remember the title!

TiREd!! Oh yah....Hock showed me something funny yesterday. Lame fella lah that guy. 100%....haha.... Hock ..hock..... ever so crappy. Visit and u'll noe wat I mean. Hock told Adib too!Wonder how many names they typed.. hmm..Haha..

Till next time then!

Friday, December 3, 2004

Time to get serious...

Hello again. Waaah. Sorry if my first entry was too long. Today's will be shorter I promise.

It was really a FREE day today-- no SL, no soccer training, no brothers and sister to bug me and all. Washed dirty dishes, swept the floor, hang and wash the clothes....things my Mama does when we children are in school. Had to help since its the holidays. It's noon by the time I finished my chores.

Had to finally sit down and GET SERIOUS....I haven't touched anything linked to school eversince school closed. So spent some time THInKing about how to clear my homeworks(HW) as well as have time to revise before school reopens since I am not yet ready to give up my holidays. TOO choice. Planning what to do is my first "stepping stone" to begin with. Many of you guys would have at least done 10% of your HW.
*Sigh* I'll start tomorrow once I reached home after the friendly match against Victoria School.

Those who are still in the holiday mood....THINK!!... Do you think you can finish all ur HW and revise this year's work if you start any later?? Maybe, but I highly doubt this would be the case. So what are ya waiting for? Pens up and start work now! Its time to get serious...

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Hello! Hello! Hola!!

Hey all!... Behold! My first entry.

I first saw blogging as a waste of time and something "only people who hv nthg better to do" do. I have to confess that I am wrong. It's cool to be able to see wat others do everyday as well as them seeing wat u do everyday. I saw blogging as a boring "sport" but HOCK's blog made it seems fun. The same thing happened with ankle socks. I was once amused why people like my sister wear ankle socks and say that never in a million years would i wear one AND guess wat?...I wear them now. Looks like I am the last person on Earth to finally own a blog and wear ankle socks.LOL. friend Hock told me that its good to have a blog so that i can talk about "hehe". Wats "hehe"? I am not very sure juvenile... So here I am, writing my very first entry.

So much for an introduction.

Today was a very boring day. As was the whole of November. But Service Learning(SL), a community service we at Anderson Junior College have to do, changed my holiday mood. Volunteering have never been so fun. The people there were friendly and highly sociable. It made me feel as though I am already part of their family. It should have been introduced in secondary or even primary schools.

Did my SL at Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) which is located along Upper Thomson Road. Had to sidewalk alongside horses and assist the disabled riders....make sure they don't fall and all. Its a very very simple task but they lacked volunteers over there. For example, once school reopens come January, we will no longer be available to offer our services and I can't imagine how they'll manage everything. So I hope those of you who are willing to offer your services to the RDA will approach the RDA and be a volunteer. Adib, another classmate of mine, can't wait for SL. He missed the training session the class had and wasn't able to join me and Hock and Co. for our SL. Haaha...because of the "hehe" I guess...rite Hock?

I'll talk about the "hehe" now. WAIT......I am afraid my first entry is too long...Dun care...Anw, i'll continue with my story. At RDA, the volunteers there are mostly foreigners....ppl frm Denmark like Debbie and Krysten, Scotland like Pat, the UK, GERMANY....u name it...some are young(17-30) while some are old (30-50++?).

On Monday, we volunteers were walking to the bus stop -- me, Hock, Wei Yan, Jing Yuan, Wilson, and Wendy...and Tamara.....hehe...a new pal we met. Her mum's frm Germany or so say's Hock who says Wendy told him that. Meaning she does not look local. I happen to be heading to Queensway Shopping to get a pair of soccer boots...and have to cross over to the other side of the road. Tamara coinidence takes the bus on the other side. Hock and Co. need not cross over, leaving me and her walk... Hock started calling my name, gesturing something which i didn't see. Haha....being the kids that we are, I knew wat was happening. Nvr see boy girl walking together, which seems to be the case. Haha...

"How juvenile can they get?" She said. And we walked to the other side. And Hock's been teasing me ever since. That's Monday's story...and that's the "hehe"......And frens of mine...dun believe Hock totally. But it seems Adib will second Hock's stories once he joins us nxt week. Haha.

Today, we had lunch at the Polo Club. Waaah! So ex....didn't noe dat. If I did, I wouldn't have accepted their invite. And Hock and Wilson and Wei Yan wouldn't hv followed "my lead". Didn't eat there... Mimicking me was Hock and Wilson. Seriously, very very expensive. Lucky the plain water free. Haha. Not that I lack the funds, but like Hock said " go coffeeshop can buy two plates of carrot cake that Wei Yan bought". Funny i noe. The conversation we had was even more funny. Wait...those at the table was us guys, Tamara, and Krysten( she led the horse I sidewalked and we became frens)...and Nici joined us some time later. It's funny to see us guys so quiet while the girls talk. They were so OPEN and we were like ...huh(*Jaws wide open*). We couldn't join in their conversation simply because we didn't noe how to. Haha. I did talk occasionally but it seems as though that wasn't enough. We couldn't wait to go. Haha. Not because we hate them or anything but simply because we felt out of place. Anyhow, the lunch, though how funnie me and Hock and Co. feel, was a learning point in a way. We learnt that we were unable to have conversations with foreign ppl. But we have to choose whether to improve ourselves or isolate ourselves from them.

I, who always like to be in isolation, would choose the former. How bout you Hock??

That's all for today, thx Hock!...without you, there will never be ALi's blog. Thx also to Adib, who assured me that it is not difficult to have a blog. And I find it interesting to write an entry. For your information, I've written 3 pages of stuff in our class journal for my first entry......while others onli a pg or at most 2. Looks like I am someone who is into writing crappy most important thing is i love doing it. Looks like December will be a month to look forward to....Goodbye boring November!