Saturday, March 14, 2009

Controlling your dreams

If anyone knows of a way, do comment.

Ive been seeing my dad in my dreams of late and each time, I cant seem to talk to him. Usually, we would be in his van, on the way to work. I've got so many things to ask him. To tell him. Has been a while since I hear his voice.

But I've always been quiet -- looking out the window at the vehicles that pass us by. Looking at the trees and the birds, thinking about all the things that I wanted to say -- but i never could.
In my dream, I was who i was back then -- even though i knew it was a dream.

Im different now, but why am I still the same in my dreams?

Hence, if only i could control my actions in my dream .... If anyone knows a way, I sure would love to know.


nurul 'ain said...

u know right ali, whenever i dream of being in a house, i always dream of being in my old house. i wonder why too. maybe right, although circumstances have changed, there is something in that past that we hold tight to. thats why the dreams bring us back to that time.

marzuki said...

Could it be that Im holding tight to who i was back then and thus, Im still the same in my dream? Do i really love my old self that much?

COuld my being the different person that i am now only be a facade coz they say the leopard never changes its spots?