Saturday, October 2, 2010

My 3rd 21st Birthday

Today I feel alot younger and happier even though school's been pretty hectic as I try to balance both work and play.

It's funny though how I've come to fall in love with words over the years. I remember days when my words hurt the feeling of others. And the days when the words of others hurt me so much that deep down, I wish I'll never ever hurt the feeling of others.

At age 23, I look at my facebook wall and I see lots of words of well-wishes and I feel warm and fuzzy. I feel loved even though they're just mere words.

At age 23, I realize the attention that I pay to the words of others and wonders if others pay attention to mine.

At age 23, I still imagine how it feels like to celebrate my birthday with food and a cake and balloons and noise and presents even though I prefer the peace and quiet that I'm enjoying right now since I'm the only one at home.

At age 23, I still imagine, wonder and dream of the "what ifs" from the comfort of my home. A quiet 3rd 21st birthday. Many quiet 21st birthdays to come. Happy Birthday.

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Mia said...

Happy Birthday! =D