Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Camp

When I first signed up, I thought I knew what I was signing up for. I knew there'll be countless meetings and discussions and quarrels and last minute changes but I just wanted to be in a committee to see and feel how it's like to be part of a planning team. It's always easy to find flaws and criticize the past few camps I've been to so I said to myself, let's put myself in a position where I'm the one who'll be criticized. I wanted to see how I will react to the criticisms of others, as well as my own.

I never expected individuals to be brought together in the manner that this camp did. I have always been one who's focuses on the end product. Never been one who bothers about the quality of the journey to attain that end product. So it was definitely a wonderful first. An eye-opener. Slightly bitter but highly sweet memories.

The kids' enthusiasm were awesome. Had I attended such camps when I was younger, perhaps I wouldn't be as withdrawn as I am today. However, I did step out to act in a skit and boy was that crazy to the max. A video was filmed, but I never brought myself to watching myself on video.

This post is extremely turbulent. I hate how it's not a smooth flowing as it used to. I guess that happens when you're in need of rest AND you have not been writing for quite a while. Sigh.

How then, can I move words?

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