Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thoughts and Reflections

Reintrospection: Thoughts and Reflections

I can't quite recall when I renamed the blog as such. But it has definitely been a while. I've been told many times that I think too much. I overthink. I think too far. I think too deep. I've been reminded that while thinking is good, I should not overdo it. I should keep things simple. Today, my aunt told me that. The fact that she could "analyze" me despite not spending much time with me speaks a lot about my over thinking. The thinking shall be restricted to the online world and should not be made too obvious in the real world.

We were talking about when I'll find my jodoh when I started to gave a list of excuses with weak supporting explanations. Dear me, please keep replies to one or two lines. Else u may come across as being too defensive, or one who thinks and overread too much.

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Anonymous said...

Senyap aje... How are things? :)