Friday, January 16, 2009

First Evaluation

Speaking in front of an audience is tough. Evaluating someone's speech in front of an audience is even harder.

Despite trying hard to plan out my "mini" 3 minute evaluation, it was a disaster. Thoughts were obstacles appearing at random on the track for my train of thought. The train derailed but it didn't turn turtle. I take comfort in the fact that it was the first meeting after so long and i, like most, were just rusty.

I had asked what i could do to be able to arrange my thoughts into words and just say it out. Im definitely where i can do just that. Im glad i spoke up. Im glad i asked the right question. Speak up. What's the worst that could happen?

If i could do it over, i would say:

Firstly, congratulations on completing your first project.

Failure is indeed part and parcel of life. And like u said, it is more on how one react to the failures in life rather than the failures itself. This was repeated several times thus, establishing the central theme of your speech. It also bookmarks the major divisions of your speech: your intro, the two points of the main body as well as the conclusion.

You are the smooth and confident speaker that many of us here will strive to emulate. While you may have had experience in debating and public speaking, how you rise after your failure during your first competition must have made all the difference. The examples you provide not only supports the central theme of your speech; it also made your speech easy to follow.

However, there's an aspect of your presentation that has room for growth. You were loud and energetic throughout your speech. While this may be a good thing as a debater, I feel there were occasions where you could slow down and lower your voice to deliver key points. This vocal variety could act as a signal to the audience that important words are coming, and a slight pause will make the lines more memorable as a result.

Your tone was rather consistent throughout. May i suggest varying your voice to help distinguish the difference in emotions that you had when you were dealing with failures as well as after you managed to overcome them. That might give your speech a more personal touch and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Nevertheless, it being your first project, you have far exceeded its main objectives: to begin speaking in front of an audience and to discover the speaking ability that you already have and skills that need some attention. With some minor tweaks, Im sure u'll emerge an even better speaker.

All the best and Im definitely looking forward to your next speech. Thank you.

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