Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thomas Jefferson once said, "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." Comment.

I didnt get the chance to step up and do this impromptu. However, from the comfort of my seat, I did my own impromptu mentally.

I would say that the harder I work, the more disappointed i seem to be. I make up my lack of intelligence with hard work yet things do not seem to be going the way i want it to be. The amount of luck remains constant. The questions remains as hard. The amount of time I spent seemed forever. The grades i received seemed inversely proportional to the amount of hard work i put in.

Thus, the more disappointed i seem to be.

However, one must remember it is NOT about working hard. Rather, it's about working smart. As cliche as it may be, it's actually true. It not about the time spent on work but rather, how one approaches the work at hand. I have been and is still am in a quest to find the secrets to working smart. Only then, will i be able to achieve that balance in life.

And the session was capped with a fitting conclusion. In order to be successful, one has got to be persistent. With persistence, that day might eventually come.

Nevertheless, that said, I shall also remind myself not to be blinded by the hopes of success that may or may not come that i forget to live life day to day.....

Balance: It's hard ...

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