Monday, February 23, 2009

The Runner

I remembered sprinting the 400m back in JC -- where i learnt that "sprinting" and "400m" do not go hand in hand. Back then, I was running alongside the fastest guy in my leg of the relay only to be outrunned at the last 100m. I was later told that he was a member of the school's track team and that I should have kept a small distance behind him and try to outrun him just as he's about to outrun me.

I kept that tip in mind up till today. This morning, while i went on a short run in the park nearby, I selected a runner to be my pacer. I kept a healthy distance behind him so as to not be accused of tailgating. After 500 metres at a decent speed, my pacer decided to outrun his "stalker". I couldnt keep up. I gave up and began walking. And 300metres down the track, he began walking.....

....... that old uncle began walking.


farhanah said...



| pArKeR | said...


haha. who needs to run so fast when you can shoot/pass with unerring accuracy in the blink of an eye eh ronalidinho.

marzuki said...

..."to be outrunned" is wrong.

..."to be outran" sounds funny. But it's right.

Thanks teacher... And ure right, who needs to run when I can let the ball do all that running.

*shrugs and gives the cocky Cristiano Ronaldo look*