Sunday, April 5, 2009

The thread that binds us all

It amuses me how the person that caught my eye during one of my lectures earlier this sem happens to share the same mrt station as me. And lately,we so happen to cross each other's path on certain lucky mornings and we also happen to choose the same mrt cabin and the best part of it all, i found out her name - without having any intentions whatsoever of knowing her name. Of course, it's better to find out her name by talking to her but coincidentally seeing a very familiar face commenting on a friend's quiz on Facebook isnt that bad either.

And for the record, there wasnt any intent on my part to "accidentally" cross paths with her by analysing the days and times of those certain lucky mornings and linking whatever patterns that i could find to understand her routine and timetable. Though from her attire, many can be inferred.

Even two parallel lines may one day meet.


0_0 said...

Facebook Application:
Nuri likes this. *thumbs up*

farhanah said...

farhanah sokong this!!

though mathematically wrong,maybe philosophically,two lines may meet after all!

C.C.Carey said...

Beautiful! Great little post, made me smile. ;)

marzuki said...

Thanks Carey. And just so you know, 4 months later, the lines crossed again - which is why she's behind my recent writes - my little sweet distraction.