Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Golden Necklace

As the bright star danced across the dark night sky, a boy wished his dad could come back home for just one day to celebrate his 56th birthday.

Tonight, I made my way back home as always. Same route. Same time. And I walked past that same jewelery store. The only difference was my thoughts.

I thought of the day when I'd buy someone something - a ring or a necklace, anything - and I wondered who that someone would be. But immediately I remembered my promise to Mama many many years ago when I was a boy. I think I kinda promised her to get a piece of gold jewelery on display at a jewelery store we were at. I told her that I'll get it for her one day when I grow up and have a salary of my own. Silly boy must've thought that he'd never grow old.

I'm old. As old as my dad now. And today being his birthday, the only thing on my mind was him reminding us children to make Mama happy. So remind me to get Mama that golden necklace when I do one day get anyone anything from a jewelery store.

(Draft 1. Mind's in a mess.)

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