Friday, February 5, 2010

The passing of Four

Reading books, writing stuffs, studying in the library, Soccer finals, Frisbee finals, misunderstandings, electric skateboarding, studying at the canteen, floorball, meeting new people, making new friends, sitting at the steps near the field under the floodlight-lit night sky watching people play frisbee, volleyball, soccer, cricket, studying at McDonalds, meeting new friend but not saying hi to new friend, attending a talk on "Singapore's Social and Political Landscape", Sunday morning soccer, more floorball, reading and writing notes, trying to do tutorials, interesting msn convos, and lots and lots of thinking.... and oh yes, the smiles too. And I also might decide to attend the upcoming Young Writers’ Seminar 2010.

This is a reflection of the passing of 4 weeks. For the first time, they hadn't been cyclic or routine. They'd been meaningful and eventful and somewhat fruitful and enjoyable. And Time flies when you're having fun. Hopefully the coming weeks will be better.

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