Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Step outside...

My writes come in an assortment of flavours. Some make me pleased with myself. Some make me wanna wear a paperbag over my head. But they are my writings nonetheless and they tell me the kind of mood I was in at the point of writing.

Writing thoughts out allows me to step outside my physical body and understand the different sides of me.

I was on the train to school this morning. As I played a staring game with the sun, I told myself that maybe, just maybe, the reason why I write so much is because it gives me the feeling that someone is looking out for me, understands me, cares for me, loves me. And that someone is me. Hence why I mentioned sthg about a paperbag. I know how self-love can be irritating for some. haha! Anws, do keep in mind that this is just a random thought as I was playing a staring game with the sun on the train on my way to school this morning, yeah?


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