Friday, February 11, 2011

Give up?

Yes, I give up - trying to be like the people around me to fit in.

And it's all thanks to one who really listens and understands. It feels so nice to be heard and understood for a change. She even remembers the SMS I sent her more than a year ago and how it made her laughed. Despite zero communication since then, I had the best conversation for the longest of time. I do not need to ask her out for movies or send her home. We just clicked.

She has her flaws but I find myself only seeing everything else that makes her sowonderful. She said some nice words that lifted me somewhat. She told me not to be influenced by my friends but rather, be the one who influences. Why care about what others think when they aren't the least bit interested to understand you? There's bound to be one that does, eventually. There's no hurry. Meanwhile, make your family happy.

So I told her I wish I could meet someone like her. Younger. A lot younger.

I thanked the nice old lady and said my goodbyes. I told her I do not know when I'll drop her a visit, a call, or an sms. But said that while she may be of sight, she'll never be out of mind.

Today, I took one step out of my comfort zone. The feeling's nice.

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