Saturday, April 30, 2011

Death of Writing.... Really?

I think I'm gonna take back my words.

Without realising, I've been thinking A LOT and writing A LOT. Thinking used to be about the dream girl, distractions, bits on school and stuffs. But recently, thinking has entered the world of politics!

Talking about politics on this blog isn't really a wise idea. But I've been talking and reading and commenting about politics on Facebook. And studying a little here and there. I'm (still) unhappy that the people up there chose to put the elections right smack between NUS and NTU exams. Suspiciously fishy, but that's the scene here in Singapore.

Like the revolution in the Middle East, a change seems to be in motion here. It's moving to say the least. People around me are very much aware of the going ons, thanks to Facebook. Some are not thinking or commenting as maturely as I feel they should, but they're special and cooler that way. Which also makes me special and cooler. Yeah.

Singaporeans complain. And through complains, one need to identify the root of that complain and find a solution to it. To me, every complain is a treasure. It gives me the opportunity to analyse, identify and think of a solution. I'm really loving it - this General Election.

A small part of me thinks that an even smaller part of me would love the chance to be paid $15,000 to listen to problems, solve them and make people happy. Thus why I used to want to be a counsellor or a teacher. Perhaps, one day a politician.

The death of writing, really? Who am I kidding?

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