Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blast from the Past #1

Because I have distanced myself from talking politics (because the exams are coming, and because I said I'll post them up here), I shall slowly try to revert back to my old reflecting self. And what better way to do that then to take a trip down memory lane.

It has been 6 years, yet the communication between us remained more or less stagnant. It's somewhat like the level of communication between me and my dad - even when I dream of my dad, it's either very little or no communication at all. Sad, but that's the story of our life. Anws, communication has always been through different means like the occasional shouting match or the long silence. Oh wells, one of us has to start growing up and I foresee that'll probably only happen when she gets married. So, I'll live with it.

6 years. Still no girlfriend. So no green light for her to have a boyfriend. She'll probably have to wait at least one more year when Im done with boring mugging, settled with a stable job with enough money to go around. Now, that'll be a very interesting time for me. The transition from romantic comedy films to reality. Kinda tired of hearing people telling me that I'm too afraid of rejections, not daring and stuffs.

Really, it's about the right time when everything in life has more or less fallen nicely into place. This is testimonial #1.

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