Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Smile

She sat quietly opposite me on the train ride back home. I can't help but steal some glances. Our eyes met and we played the staring game. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. I smiled a little wider and she smiled a smile that's slightly wider too. I looked away...

... and smiled in my heart. I closed my eyes and thought about school, anything that'll make me stop smiling. I opened my eyes ...

... and there she was still looking at me. I tried not to look away this time round - hoping to win the staring contest - but I cant. There's something about her that's just so sweet that if I had looked into her eyes any longer, I might fall in love and fall through the window of her soul.

I looked away and rested my head on the palm of my left hand. I tried to hide my smile as best as I could, for her parents were right by her side! I closed my eyes and thought to myself, "It's not everyday someone returns your smile."

When I opened my eyes, there she was, resting her head on her left hand with a tiny finger in her mouth. She was clearly imitating me and was looking right at me, smiling. I smiled back.

As the train approaches Choa Chu Kang station, it was time for her to go. She held her dad's left hand and her mum's right hand and off they went - leaving me with memories of the sweetest smile I've seen in a long while. She's probably a little older than one, that sweet little girl.

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Mutiara Bernilai said...

nothing to comment,
just a smile..