Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Reflecting on the past, looking forward to the future - to do it on the 4th of January seems a little odd.

Stuffs of note include the last Inter-School Games. My last floorball match representing the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We ended up in 4th position, again. Very tight matches, so close yet so far. But what struck me was the fact that a wish I had 2 years ago came true. It's always nice to talk to individuals you rarely get to meet. Though the ending wasn't quite the ending I had hope for, it was one that I'd be contented with. (Things happen for a reason.)

Other stuffs of note I've already noted down in my entries, so I shall not repeat myself.

Looking forward, it's all hazy and mysterious but I'm looking forward to what's been planned for me. And I do hope that certain aspects of my life improve for the better, insyaallah.

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