Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As we waited outside the seminar room, we saw the professors come our away. They were surprising smiley and happy. And throughout the presentation, they were surprisingly smiley even though we forgot our lines. During the Question and Answer session, we could answer most of the questions. And thankfully, my project supervisor even added on to our answers to support us. It went really really well, especially when compared to the horror scene I played out in my mind.

I guess sometimes, I worry too much.

I thought about celebrating the end of FYP by watching a movie or something. But settled for lunch with my FYP partner. It was one of the quietest meal we've had. He was the first guy I made friend with on my first day in school and it's funny he's the guy I end my last day of school with. I looked back at all the tough and rough times we had and realized that if I felt that my patience is being tested, he too must've been as patient, if not more patient - to have tolerated my demands and moods. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Friends, I'm gonna miss them.

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