Thursday, July 12, 2012


As we stood at the train platform waiting for the next train to arrive, I noticed an MRT employee who was probably in her early fifties walking up and down the aisle. Couldn't help but notice the slight limp as she walked. As she shook her tired arms, one could only imagine how badly it must've ached.

I told my mom that someone her age should be at home relaxing and enjoy the support of her children. Upon some further thoughts, I said that perhaps, she's not married. Upon much more thought, I said that perhaps, she's married but her children aren't supporting her well. Or perhaps, she got married to a  problematic guy. Or perhaps, she's married but doesn't have children. Or perhaps ...

And finally I said to her, just goes to show that life's unpredictable. No matter how much one tries to plan, the end result may not always be as we want to be. Getting married or not has it's own pros and cons. Sometimes, we try to give our kids the best of upbringing yet they do not turn out as well as we want them to be. Mama said she simply let us be and am thankful that the four of us turned out fine. She added that everything that happens in life test our character. Just gotta be patient and react accordingly.

Along the way back, I remarked that I've been coming back home everyday with dusty socks, shirts and jeans. Mama replied that when Dad used to cut grass for a living, he'd come back home with grass everywhere. Guess we're similar in some ways. Even though we didn't talk much, the subtle things that he does I seem to adopt.

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