Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sensitive old people

I used to find old people weird. 

Weird because they get slighted over the littlest things. They get upset when we do not drop them a call for a long time. They get upset at the slightest rejection of their ideas. They get upset when others do not agree with them. Their hearts seem softer and much more sensitive than they used to be. And I wondered why. Weird, they are... until one day someone shared a perspective that I find pretty interesting. 

The older one becomes, the closer one is to Death. This "newfound" sensitive nature - a reminder and preparation for death. The distance that may form between us and those around us makes us become closer to the One that created us. When we feel as though the world's against us, we're reminded of the One who is always there for us. I find it amazing how He reminds and guides us even when we're approaching death - like the kind invigilator who reminds and gives additional few minutes to those who're frantically racing to complete the exam paper.

As it's often the case for me, it's only when I feel alone that I find myself find Him. 

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