Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Growing up

She was excited when my brother had expressed interest to apply for a position in the Navy. However, when she saw the blank application form in the kitchen, she wondered if he had changed his mind. We later found out that he had withdrawn his application on his own accord. When asked, he mentioned that he needed two guarantors for the said application - and that I'm not eligible as I'm currently one for my sister.

He saw how difficult it was for my sister to find a guarantor - especially when she approached some cousins. And I guess he didn't want us to go through the same "begging" process.

While I'm somewhat disappointed that he hadn't consulted me or my mum in the matter, I'm also glad coz it shows how far he's grown. I wouldn't have minded helping him ask around on his behalf. I have several friends in mind whom I could have asked.

Well, I guess things happen for a reason. At the very least, I hope I've gotten the point across to him and his twin clearly - that wherever possible, I'll be there to help.

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