Sunday, June 14, 2009


Took an online test on at the request on an inquisitive young punk. And it turns out Im an ISTJ - Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging (Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Thinking).

While it is nice to see how you're classified by psychologists, it is scary to know that your character has been defined.

One of the profile of an ISTJ is an off-beat sense of humor and I must admit that I do have a pretty weird way of putting things across to others -- I come across as funny when im being serious and serious when im being funny. I have since come to a conclusion/realization that i simply prefer to let others think about my actions or the things i say irregardless of how i say it, evaluate and decide for themselves what exactly that Im putting across.

Despite my attempts to NOT lace my actions and words with hidden meanings, I almost always fail to be direct. As such, my actions can come across as insensitive or hurtful but nevertheless, the underlying message remains the same.

Maybe this explains the part about ISTJs showing their affection through their actions rather than words - a trait I mustve picked up from my late dad. Judge someone through the things he does rather than the things he say, especially when you're dealing with an introvert. They tend to do the exact opposite of the things they say.

But being intraverted and having an off-beat sense of humor isnt really all that bad a thing. Personally, it allows me to have few but close friends -- the ones who seem to have the ability to see right through my multiple facades. The ones whom I can then speak to in a more direct and open manner knowing that they're already able to read you like a book.

And I still am very much surprised as to how someone whom i barely knew managed to know so much about me.

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Anonymous said...

Adik, this personality test is called Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality test..I've taken it many many years ago, and I discovered I don't I change much..when I took another course on this MBTI about two years ago. There are actually about 16 types, and urs is exactly opposite from mine, cos mine is ENFP (extrover, Intuitive, Feeler and Perceiving). The type is Introvert(I) vs Extrovert(E), Intuitive (N) vs Senser (S),Feeler (F) vs Thinker (T) and last but not least Judger (J) vs Perceiver. Guess wat is abg's?