Monday, June 8, 2009

Fight or flight or break

When facing adversity, one can choose to either stay and fight or take flight and avoid the problem altogether.
But what if one cant choose?

What if one breaks down before he can even decide between "fight" and "flight"?

After a stumble, one can simply dust off one's bruised hands and knees. But what seemed to me like a little stumble could very well be a huge fall to others. And if someone broke into a million pieces after that fall, is there ever a way to piece all the the broken pieces back together? And if there is way, will that broken piece ever be the same?

While it is very clear that a broken vase cannot be fixed on its own, it is not as straight forward as to who or how the broken vase should be fixed. If it's not done the right way, the vase will just come falling again upon the slightest of touches.

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