Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flying free

Again, it's funny how something i wrote 9 days ago feels soo recent.

Yesterday marked the last day of work. It also marked the beginning of my holiday - or so i hope. Never had I felt so pressured in my life and the past couple of weeks did seem, at times, a tad too much for me to handle. But thank God I passed the test I set myself out to do.

A challenging part-time job was what i sought as soon as my exams were over. But i never expected to be too mentally exhausted from it all. I noticed that there came a point when things became too much for the brain to handle and if I had decided to push myself abit more, things will get ugly. However, talking to lovely people help diffused whatever that was affecting me. Am thankful to have few whom were willing to listen. Not forgetting the lingering impression too.

So yesterday, I left office feeling happy and relieved. I walked along the street smiling from ear to ear -- like a bird flying free (if birds could smile). For a moment though, I felt sad knowing that my dad didnt had the luxury to fly free. If I was exhausted doing what I do -- day in, day out, week in, week out, I am sure he was at least thrice as exhausted as I was. Oh wells, school's starting in 3 weeks and I really pray that the sister get tt permanent job and make ends meet at least until I graduate in 3 years time, insyaallah.

And on a separate note, i wonder if i can ever shed this new serious boring image of mine....

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