Friday, July 10, 2009


Didnt realize that 22 days have lapsed since my last entry as my last entry felt so recent. It also means that im that closer to the start of school. Ive had my fair share of work to keep me occupied -- lately more than my fair share -- but it was a welcomed challenge.

As much as I hate being in a pressure-cooker environment, it's the only way to improve how I deal with pressure...... and distractions.

The sweet impression still lingers. I'm not surprised. And while i know, and have been told countless of times, that nothing will happen if nothing is done, a part of me tells me to give it some time. But how much time, I do not know.

Do i want to let this sweet impression pass me by? A large part of me seems to refuse to let the sweet impression be on her way. Either that, or she simply chose to linger.

While it is easy to strike a conversation with unknown strangers during a game of Yahoo! Pool, it's totally the opposite when it comes to striking a conversation with known strangers over Facebook. While it's easy to simply leave the brain outside while typing a message saying a simple hi, it is almost impossible for a guy like me to do so.

Dozens of possible consequences appears in my mind whenever I contemplate to think without my brain.

If you try and fail, you end up a fool. If you do not try, you end up a fool -- perhaps a bigger one. Or should I be patient and not let my emotions cloud my better judgment...

"But im in so deep. You know im such a fool for you." ~ Linger, The Cranberries

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