Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Perfectly Random Plan

"Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random; it's not chance. It's a plan that is playing itself out perfectly."

The quote above is something nice that I saw on FB's News Feed that was apparently quoted from Supernatural the hit television series that I'm not bothered to follow. He hates horror. I digress.

The quote reminded me of the many choices that I made ever since the day I made my first. It reminded me of the best and the worst of decisions. Do I regret having made poor decisions? Sometimes, yes. They do haunt me. However, I quickly realize that these mistakes are mine to make. I'm pretty sure that had I not made them when I was younger, I'll be making them now. Those seemingly random choices does seem to be "a plan that is playing itself out perfectly" - a plan written by an invisible hand.

Decisions, as silly and stupid as they may seem, brings us closer to our destiny.

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