Saturday, March 20, 2010

Floorball Madness!

It's funny how a game can make one feel so disturbed. I've never been this passionate about sports - let alone sports that I'm totally new at. I'm somewhat addicted. An addiction bordering obsession.

Frustrating. Depressing. It feels as though I've let the team down coz despite the plan, I played my worst game. Need to wear contacts during future games. I wanted to have a feel of what Mourinho must've felt like when he planned his game against Chelsea. I ended up feeling like Ancelloti.

Sometimes, we win like we did during the group stages. As we advance further, the competition gets tougher and when things do not go our way, it only means we'll come back even stronger. Now it's time to translate this passion into my exam prep.

On the plus side, despite everything, bonds were strengthened. Friendships were made. Life is still awesome.

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