Friday, November 26, 2010

Long overdue thoughts...

*vacuums the cobwebs, dead spiders and dusts*

I've not written for 17 days!! I guess that's something that's bound to happen now that I've got a life. Well, school's my life for the next 2 years and at the moment, I'm starting to love it more and more. The friends I have makes life so much enjoyable. It's amazing how the people around me look out for me and are ever so willing to help out when I'm in doubt. And yes, I can't thank them enough.

I've been around studying with friends who happen to be in the "list" and I realize they're just like anyone of us, trying to learn and understand what's on the lecture notes. I realize that the questions I find myself asking them are the questions that they ask the professors after lectures or tutorials. I realize that they still require time to think and ponder about my questions. At times, they're as clueless as I am. I realize these Dean's Listers are where they are because of hardwork, the right attitude and the right style. And their humility adds to their awesomeness.

And recently, I'm surprised at some of the things I'm willing to allow or do for the sake of my brothers' happiness. I'm also surprised when my mum told me that an old friend of mine is going to get engaged soon. He's around my age.

Sighs. Sometimes, I do wonder what lies ahead. I wonder who I'll be with. I wonder if we've met. And I wonder what she would see in someone like me. But that's just sometimes. Most times, I'll tell myself to get my academic stuffs back on track, not get too sweetly distracted and when the time comes, it comes.

A couple more weeks to my exams. Hope everyone's doing alright. Smile yeah?

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