Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Sun is Sleeping

I fell asleep at around 8pm last night while briefly surfing Facebook on my mobile... while lying on the floor... on a big comfy pillow. I guess that's partly the reason why I choose to hang around in school to catch up on work.

However, what surprised me was that I didnt know I was this tired. The mind just tells me to study and I study, that's all.

I've been asked if I ever get bored of studying, in school, alone at times. And they doubt me when I told them I find joy in studying, in school, alone at times. I'm a weak learner. The mind doesnt work in the way I want it to work. But I still see myself somewhere in future. It might take a little longer than others but I'll still be there. And I feel that the only way to get there is through prayers, experience and hard work. Hard work and resilience are the two things that I believe will compensate for my inability to understand and store information in this brain of mine.

Well now I'm awake, studying. There's an old lady in the next room sleeping and for that very reason alone, I'll keep going no matter what.


mai said...

study study study!! u can do it go go go!! Allahu musta'aan!!~

Anonymous said...

Keep it up my brother...definitely it is not hubby pernah share with me that he's also weak learner, but he does get at the end, but later than others. But what he has is resilience, discipline and determination. During exam times, to ensure he study hard, he ever had to tie himself to a chair lah!!! Kudos to him righte?? Focus, remind of your Nawaitu, Work hard and then doa to leave it to Allah.. Take care bro..

marzuki said...

Tying himself to a chair is unheard off!! Hahaha. Thanks. Appreciate it lots. The pressure gets to me at times and such words never fail to comfort.