Friday, December 30, 2011


Tonight, I open with interest mass emails from the school about job opportunities related to my field of engineering. Because I do not see myself working atop high-rise buildings due to my slight fear of height, I'm seriously considering the rail industry - digging tunnels and underground stations and everything else in between.

And then I thought about giving myself a couple of months break and not dive straight into the working world. And then I realized when my sister graduated, I ensured that she got into the working world immediately. It's about time I gave back. Paris, UK, Egypt, US, Switzerland, Australia ... Places such as these will have to wait.

May the road ahead be manageable for me.


Anonymous said...

well there's always "vacation leaves" to look forward to!

Paris, UK, Egypt, US, Switzerland, Australia ..... sounds DAMN good.

marzuki said...

well I guess they sounds good coz TV makes them seem like good destination. Overrated perhaps?

The best thing that can happen is if I find a job that takes me to these place. But what are the odds of that happening! One dreams.