Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversations with Mum

Alhamdulillah. The end of a chapter marks the beginning of another. I've written countless times that life works in mysterious ways, yet I'll say it again: Life works in mysterious ways and usually, if you think about the events that took place in life, there's usually a reason why they happen. People will usually interject and say that I'm simply overly optimistic, but that's fine by me. Mama seems to be the only one who listens with an open mind and add in her take on the stuffs I share with her.

Alhamdulillah. A job offer was made to me yesterday for the position of Project Engineer - which I duly signed after much thought. I signed on the dotted line with a clear mind and hope that this path leads me to heaven. 6 days work week may seem overwhelming, but each time I'll simply try to convince myself that I'm doing it not for myself but for those around me.

Chanced upon a quote that goes, "Good character towards mankind is that you do not burden others to achieve your own desires, but rather to burden yourself to gratify the wishes of others, as long as these do not go against the dictates of The Divine Law." I hope to start seeing work as something that helps improve my character rather than a chore. At the same time, perhaps save up for the future - just in case dearest brothers decide to further their studies. And other stuffs.

I look forward to spending nights after work at the dinner table with my Mama. I'd tell her about my day, share some stories in the hopes that she'd share some of her personal stories. All along, my brothers will be nearby listening in to our conversation as they surf the net or watch the tele; the living room is their bedroom. And I'd secretly hope that my brothers subconsciously pick up lessons and advice from these conversations and apply it to their own lives. I told her to write down her stories whenever us children are out schooling or working. I'd really like that. There's this selfish urge to write a book just to see how many books I could sell.

I look forward to nights just like tonight.

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