Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013. 2014

Thoughts not written will fade. And there's been many thoughts that I wanted to write but I simply let them go. But here's something that I had wanted to write some days back but didn't:

I had just finished my prayers and memory came into my mind. We used to sleep under the same blanket. Some nights when the air con temperature was low, I would give up part of the blanket just so that you could sleep comfortably. But that was many years ago. Now they're both grown up and I could only steal moments to be close to them only when they're asleep. Boys will be boys. If I had an elder brother, I too wouldnt want to be treated like I'm still six!


2013 has been the year where I tried to establish myself in my career. There were ups and downs. The showflats. The piling. The excavation. The bosses. The senior. The learning. 6 days a week has made work occupy a significant portion of my 2013 - something which I kinda dislike very much. It dilutes pretty much every other more important things.

May 2014 be a year where I make work my number 2 priority in life.

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