Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy to sad within seconds.

I was told that i look young. She asked my age.
Told her to guess.
She guessed.
And I was sad.

I noe of a guy who's happy when told he's 28.
Rightfully so coz he's way way older than that.

But for a "young" guy like me, 28 is old. 38 is very old.

I heard that some girls like older guys. How about young guys who look .... not so young?


Anonymous said...

The first premise is flawed: you do NOT look young as your age.

If you knew this reality earlier, you would not have risked asking a stranger to guess your age :)

As for the guy who is happy when told he is 28yo - it is most probably due to the fact that he most probably look younger than he really is, coupled with the fact that he most probably looks fit and physically toned-built.

In the latter's case, age is just mere numbers - it is what he looks like and how he feels inside - forever youthful.

If you don't look physically youthful, at least forever feel youthful. That may be the elixir :)

marzuki said...

Assuming i knew this reality earlier, i would still have asked the stranger to guess my age. =)

I was happy to sad within seconds but i didnt say how long i was sad. I was sad for a couple of seconds and then i was happy....

Yes you may be right that the guy i mentioned looked younger than he is, looks fit, tries to look young ..... less the tone-built part. And it is indeed true that age is just mere numbers. There's no benefit in letting age dictates how one should live his life...

To add to ur last line, if one dun look physically youthful, one should at least forever feel youthful inside, and noes that in actual fact, he is actually younger agewise....

If u happen to be 38, i was joking about 38 being very old =)