Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Age

yes i was happy to sad within seconds. I was sad for 5 seconds and then, i was proud of myself.

I was brilliant. I was confident.
I was doing something beyond my age.
It was as if ive been doing it for 4 years.....
One would be forgiven if he thinks ive been doin it for 10 years.....
I know im good.

Which was why 28 would be just about the right age... end NS at 20. Graduate from NUS law school .... a couple or so years practicing law.... would be 28 by then..

"He may look 20 but i dun think one can be so brilliant at such a young age.... I'll guess 28", she thought.

However, i humbly admit that i wun be as brilliant as i am now without the influence of some -- whose wisdom, advice and influence have shaped me to be the person i am and insyaallah, the person i will be in future. And I appreciate having to leave home each day knowing tt i will learn something useful. To which im truly thankful. But it pains me each time i ask myself how does one repay for all that he has received?

I digressed. I was proud of myself. I was brilliant way beyond my age. Thank God.

Thank you.


0_0 said...

aku tak faham kau nyer entry. tapi takpe. haha

Anonymous said...

i do understand :)

as for the portion which is not about 'you' - perhaps constant remembrance in being grateful to Him would be the first step.

subsequently, accompany in your prayers those who have touched your heart with your regular doa.

the rest is His Work :)