Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sister's Sacrifice

Every morning, I wake to find my younger sister getting ready for work. Even on Sundays. As I struggle to force myself to pick up a book or a tutorial assignment, I realized that dad's departure hadn't only affected my life. It has affected hers too. I'm sure if he was still around, there will be no need for her to work weekends.

My realization of my sister's sacrifice has made me more defensive of her actions every time Mother gets angry. Whenever she's not back by the preferred time, I'd tell Mother that she probably needed some time off work and that there's no need to be angry about it. I've been defending her actions a little too much. I've been playing the role of both a mediator and a counsellor of late in my attempts to find a common ground between us children and parent. Putting myself in between has, to some extent, made my mother feel alone in her battle to watch over us. I feel that as much as she needs to let us go slowly, it's important not to let us go totally.

We're changing... growing up. As much as I'd like them to be able to see and understand things like I do, I know it's not possible. All I can do is to pray that as we mature, we slowly begin to see and understand our mother's hopes and fears and likes and dislikes, and make personal sacrifices just to make her feel at peace, insyaallah.I'd like to see a warm smile greet me every night when I return home after a frustrating and tiring day of school.

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