Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rewriting a story

.....The director ponders what his character should do when time rewinds itself once more for the 14th time.

He almost wanted to quit writing his character's story. He didnt know how to continue. He wanted to end it. When things do not seem to go his way, he felt as though films and movies like Amelie, The Lakehouse, You've Got Mail and Turn Left, Turn Right had cheated him of the truth.

While he admits that those crossing of paths and all the sweet lovelies that came along seemed to good to be true, a small part of him believes that there's a small chance that it could happen in real life. And tonight, he asks himself, "Which is better - avoiding disappointment by not doing anything about it or to look back with regret having not known at all what the answer might be?"

The director took his pen and made some changes to the storyline. He wrote, "My character shall never again look back in regret."

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