Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mother

You know mum's feeling alot better when you realize that she remembers today's her birthday while I, on the other hand, errrr.... completely genuinely cleanly forgot. I had to ask her how old she is for I never took note of her age. I'm fine telling myself she's fifty something forever.

I received a farewell gift yesterday. It was my last day of work. As soon as I reached home late that night, the little boy in me immediately went to my mama's room to show her what I got. She saw the box, and sat up excitedly. The smile on her face. It's felt like a long time since I saw that smile.

The box. The smile. The excitement. Oh no!

"Ma... no no no. I'm sorry! This isn't yours. It's mine and I just wanted to show it to you. Oh man.... I forgot. It's your birthday isn't it? I forgot!!"

It surprises me though how happy a gift can make one feel. The gift I received made me feel touched. And I know I almost made my mum feel likewise. I'll make it up to her somehow. I've got something in mind. (:

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