Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Journey

We're on a journey, each one of us.

What started out as a chase(or a non-chase depending on your perspective) has just turned into a quest to make it into the school's floorball team and maybe even be captain one day. Granted, I've probably the least experience amongst all of them but slowly and surely, I'm absorbing as much as I can from my teammates who seem to be more than willing to teach. Also, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

I've spent a decent amount of dough on a floorball stick and shoes - to the displeasure of my sister who thinks I'm spending money unnecessarily. At least she knows what it feels like to see siblings "wasting" money away now that she's the sole breadwinner. Little things like this tells me she's finally growing up.

I digress. The stick and the shoes are my way of committing myself to this sport. I'm fully aware that the chances of me getting the sack is high. But I shall hang on till the very end.

If this chase falls apart, I know I could still go back to recreational and non-chase whoever it is that I'm not non-chasing. This is my journey.

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